5 spring cleaning tips to spruce up your living space

Wednesday was officially the start of spring. What better way to celebrate the transitioning of seasons by cleaning your dorm or apartment? For many college students, cleaning is a tedious task that can take hours to accomplish, but once it’s done, the feeling of accomplishment is worth it. Try these five cleaning tips to start your spring off right:

Recycle old papers

If you haven’t done so already, take all of your old syllabi, lab papers and study guides to old classes and throw them in the recycling bin. There’s no reason to keep binders full of papers you won’t ever use again, and the decluttering is sure to clear more room for the important papers necessary at your workspace and in your bookbag.

Vacuum in the nooks and crannies

Take the time and effort to bust out the vacuum and clean the dustiest areas of your room. The common space is important and should be shown adequate attention, but the dust and food crumbs under your bed that have been slowly accumulating over the winter months need to be vacuumed as well. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much cleaner your floors will look and feel.

Rearrange the furniture

This cleaning tip can help you get a new perspective on your living space. Sometimes walking into the same arrangement of tables, sofas and other furniture can be a bland sight. With some help from your roommates or a friend, you can have a whole new living room within an hour. The change will be new and fresh, just in time for spring.

Clean out the food cabinets

As college students, our busy schedules keep us occupied with school work and extracurriculars. We don’t usually have time to check expiration dates on foods, but take an afternoon to rid your pantries and refrigerators of any excess food. If you’re going through your pantry and realize you have more food than you need, consider donating the non-perishable items to a local food pantry.

Reevaluate your online presence

Spring cleaning isn’t just the physical world around you, but also your social networking sites. As we enter the spring season, consider updating your profile photo to something current friends and family members can marvel at, or go on a spree of removing “friends” from social media. You are sure to feel better once your online presence reflects the most current you.