The pandemic made most of our festivals sombre, subdued the lustre of many gatherings but Diwali has always been a day which invites people to revel in private joys. Holi may be more fun with loud, large shenanigans, but the smaller the guest list for the Diwali party, the more leisurely merriment is guaranteed. That way, you spend more time decorating your home, adding personal touches to the menu and of course setting a table that is sure to wow even the hard-to-please aesthetes in the group. We are not here to police exactly how you should celebrate the festival, but simply stating that there is more than one way to do it. You can pick a classic theme, look for inspiration in an exotic fantasy, take a less is more approach or embrace the buzzword of the moment, maximalism. Whichever your pick, you do need serveware to match the theme. After all food is central to the festivities of Diwali, be it a party of four or 40. We have looked at everything on the market and here is a list of the most beautiful options right now.

Good Earth’s Bosphorus Collection for a Fantastical Evening

You can either let this collection of beautiful serveware, replete with motifs of both the oriental and the occidental, be the star of the show or pair it with other equally characterful objects of decor. Either way, everybody is going to ask you where that plate with the prancing leopard is from. At the legendary brand’s store opening at Raghuvanshi Mills in Mumbai, we spotted a picture of Princess Niloufer of Hyderabad, who was born in Turkey, made the Deccan her home, and is celebrated as one of the most stylish royals of the world. Point being, this is the serveware you pick if your Diwali soiree needs some regal accoutrements of the very Indian kind. Buy here

Kansa tableware from Ritu Kumar Home For a Traditional Take

This is for the purists who believe that Indian festivities are not complete without the old favourite, kansa or brass. Ritu Kumar Home has an entire line dedicated to the material and the magic that Indian craftsmen have performed with it over many centuries. If your Diwali gathering is all about sticking to the traditional mores of celebration, these beautifully crafted thalis, katoris, and other serveware (including a very eye-catching layered tiffin box) will tick all the boxes. Buy here.

Festival Classics From FabIndia For Some Nostalgia

FabIndia has two new collections in store, and they are both full of colours and emblems we all associate with the festival of Diwali. While the Jashn-e-Riwaz collection has iconology borrowed from the Ottoman empire, the other collection has serveware with traditional florals. With porcelain and bone china, brass and iron, the collections feature an interesting material palette. Buy here

Elm and Oak For the Lovers of Modern Minimalism

So you are eschewing the marigolds for lilies and you have a monochrome dress code for the Diwali party? Elm and Oak has a range of serveware which has exactly the minimalist- yet-opulent vibe that you want for your get-together. Their bar ware is truly spectacular and if you are keen on playing bartender we recommend taking a look at their Instagram and taking your pick. Buy here .

Emery Studio for the Lovers of International Brands And A Bougie Bash

L’Objet, Christofle, Haviland- Emery Studio has all the labels that your bougie friends will immediately recognise and covet. If you can’t show off at your own Diwali party, where can you? If a little bit of envy-inducing is on the agenda, Emery Studio has all the goods for you. Their selection is stellar and you can visit their Instagram page here.