87 fun things to do at home— avoid that coronavirus cabin fever

Wondering how you’ll entertain your family while you’re stuck at home? Here are three ways you can transform the most average home into an exciting staycation destination that the entire family will love!

1. Install a Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are a backyard entertainment staple, and these days it’s quick and easy to add this fun feature to your own backyard. Purchase an above-ground pool kit from your local pool supply or sporting goods store and install it in a suitable spot in your yard. Depending upon the model of pool you choose to install, you should be able to customize it with fun accessories like a diving board or pool basketball hoop.

2. Update Your Patio

A simple patio can be transformed into an intimate outdoor dining space, or even just a spot to soak up the sun, through the addition of outdoor furniture and accessories. Every patio needs a durable dining table and chairs, as well as some more comfortable seating featuring outdoor fabrics. Give your patio a warm glow and enjoy evenings together with the family by incorporating string lights or solar-powered lanterns in your design.

3. Renovate Your Basement

You can also add staycation elements to the interior of your home, and the best place to do this is by remodeling your basement. A professional remodeling company New York NY will guide you through the entire renovation process, allowing you to customize your new space to fit the needs of your family. Basement renovations are ideal for creating a new home theater room, a game room or even an indoor play space – the options are endless!

A few fun features can turn your home into an exciting place to be. If you make these great outdoor upgrades, no one in the family will ever have an excuse to be bored!