Panasonic provides the key ingredient for efficient living with innovation across laundry and refrigeration The Japanese are known for their precision technology and healthy way of life, and these attributes have always been at the forefront of Panasonic’s decades of appliances design and development.

Alongside an unwavering commitment to innovation, these principles also explain why the Japanese company remains one of the largest producers of a full range of household appliances anywhere in the world.

With all this firmly in mind, this spring sees Panasonic UK introduce an innovative new line up of food storage and laundry products.

Flatter your food with the latest tech

Panasonic’s brand new A+++ Fridge-Freezer, the NR-BN34EX1, is equipped with BreatheTech which automatically regulates humidity levels at an ideal 85-90%.

Panasonic’s energy efficient refrigerators also retain the nutritional value of your fruit and vegetables for longer. Panasonic’s VitaminSafe technology – with green, blue and white LED lights – simulates natural sunlight hues, retaining important vitamins by activating their natural defences and stimulating the natural ripening process.

While the green and blue LEDs specifically activate vitamin C, the white LED helps to retain vitamin D. At the same time the HygieneAir Filter removes 99.99% of harmful bacteria, helping to keep your fridge cleaner.

With a fully flat exterior surface that has been finished to the very highest standards, the NR-BN34EX1 also creates an aesthetic feature by complimenting a modern kitchen interior.

This spring also sees this full flat exterior design expanded to Panasonic’s A++ fridge range (NR-BN34AX2, NR-BN34AW2, NR-BN31AX2 and NR-BN31AW2).

Autocare lightens the load

Panasonic has also increased its laundry line-up with three new Autocare washing machine models, the NA-140ZS1, NA-168ZS1 and NA-168XR1.

The industry’s most advanced automatic wash programme, AutoCare uses intelligent sensors to continually monitor and adjust the wash cycle. Minimising energy and water usage whilst delivering consistently incredible wash results in the fastest time possible, the four sensors work hard by…

Adjusting the volume of water and calculating the washing time required for the cycle depending on the size of the load, the Load Sensor efficiently manages water consumption and energy use.

Monitoring the actual temperature of the supplied water and reducing the energy inputted to heat the water accordingly, the Temperature Sensor automatically adjusts the length of the wash cycle.

In addition to detecting the type of detergent, the Optical Sensor determines the level of dirt within the load using infrared ray technology, adjusting the washing time, temperature setting, water levels and rinse cycle.

As synthetic materials require a shorter spin time than cottons, the Material Sensor selects the optimum spin time by detecting the water weight held within the fabric.

The two new washing machine models have been awarded an A+++rating, so you can be sure of outstanding energy efficiency and lower household bills too.

*Tested by VDE Testing and Certification Institute

***The gentleness of AutoCare on the clothes has been tested by VDE Testing and Certification Institute. VDE testing conditions: 8kg laundry load washed with Cotton programme at 40°C compared to 8kg using AutoCare programme.


[Source:- Panasonic]