BOG OFFER How you can get two FREE Vue cinema tickets for cleaning your toilet

THE INCREASING cost of a cinema ticket has been putting off movie goers from seeing films on the big screen in recent years.

According to data released by the British Film Institute (BFI), the average price of cinema admission in the UK has risen from £4.87 in 2006 to £7.17 in 2015 – an increase of 48.25 per cent over a ten-year period.

Customers who want to bag the deal just need to spend £3 on any Finish, Vanish, Dettol or Airwick cleaning products

Customers who want to bag the deal just need to spend £3 on any Finish, Vanish, Dettol or Airwick cleaning products

And prices vary hugely between locations. For example, in London, to watch the summer movie Driver, a standard adult tickets at a Vue cinema in Westfield will cost you £13.99, while cinema goers watching the same movie in North Finchley will pay up to £12.79.

In Manchester, the same tickets will cost £9.99 per person.

As a consolation to hard done by cinema movie fans, MoneySavingExpert has now found a trick to get two free cinema tickets by simply “cleaning your loo”.

Customers who want to bag the deal just need to spend £3 on any Finish, Vanish, Dettol or Airwick cleaning products in one transaction at Tesco.

To benefit from the offer, customers will have to spend the money either in store before Wednesday August 2 or online on before Wednesday August 23.

According to MSE, the cheapest product currently includes a Dettol Neutraair Fresh Morn Dew.

The air freshener usually costs £1.50 but it is now  on offer at £1 until Tue August [Source”GSmerena”]

Most modern horses came from just two ancient lineages

Horse breeding records are some of the most impressive efforts to chronicle animal lineages in human history, with some stretching back thousands of years. Yet decoding the genetic origins of today’s horses has proved remarkably difficult. Now, a new study finds that nearly all modern horse breeds can be traced to two distinct, ancient Middle Eastern lines that were brought to Europe about 700 years ago. Understanding how these horses were traded, gifted, or stolen could shed light on human history as Eastern and Western civilization commingled and collided.

People first domesticated horses some 6000 years ago in the Eurasian Steppe, near modern-day Ukraine and western Kazakhstan. As we put these animals to work over the next several thousand years, we selectively bred them to have desirable traits like speed, stamina, strength, intelligence, and trainability. People have tracked horse pedigrees for almost as long as we have kept them, but it wasn’t until the 1700s that detailed “studbooks” emerged in Europe to keep tabs on which horses fathered which foals and what characteristics the foals inherited.

The new study’s lead author, Barbara Wallner, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna, paired these old, yet meticulously kept data


North Texas lawmakers will introduce two bathroom bills in special session

The Texas bathroom bill has been arguably the most controversial bill introduced during Texas' 2017 Legislative Session, drawing reaction from protesters, politicians, business leaders and celebrities.  Keep going to see what you need to know about previous versions of the proposed law.  Photo: Sara D. Davis, Stringer / 2016 Getty Images

AUSTIN — After a brief respite, the bathroom wars are heating up again.

Rep. Ron Simmons, R-Carrollton, is expected to introduce two bills in the upcoming special session of the Texas Legislature that would regulate which public bathrooms transgender Texans, including schoolchildren, can use.

WHAT THEY SAID: GOP Board of Ed members sound off on special session

The first bill, which will closely resemble his bill that failed during the regular session, will be a broad attempt to prohibit cities, counties and public school districts from enforcing non-discrimination ordinances involving multi-occupancy restrooms or locker rooms.

It is expected to allow exceptions for people already protected under state and federal anti-discrimination laws, which do not include sexual orientation or gender identity.

Simmons’ bill would effectively invalidate local nondiscrimination ordinances that allow transgender people to use public restrooms that match their gender identity, as well as school district policies that make accommodations for transgender students.

The path for Texas to enact its version of a North Carolina-style bathroom bill is poised to get far tougher as the Republican-controlled state House closes in on a key midnight Thursday deadline to approve legislation.

Media: WochIt Media

That proposal, House Bill 2899, had 79 co-sponsors, all Republicans, before lawmakers left Austin in late May. A bill needs to win a simple majority, or 76 votes, on the House floor to pass.

BACKLASH: Paxton leads 35-state coalition over internet speed advertisements

A second proposal Simmons plans to introduce would apply only to public school districts.

Simmons’s intentions were first reported by The Dallas Morning News, and he did not respond to the Houston Chronicle’s request for comment.

This month, Gov. Greg Abbott announced a special session to begin July 18, calling lawmakers back to Austin for at least one month to tackle 20 items he said were not addressed to his satisfaction during the 140-day regular legislative session, which ended in May. Reauthorizing the Texas Medical Board and a handful of other agencies, which could close if lawmakers do not approve their continuation, topped Abbott’s list.

He also listed “privacy” as one of the topics, saying that “at a minimum” he wants a bill that applies to the use of bathrooms and locker rooms in public schools. In the regular session, Abbott praised Simmons’ bill


Endurance Introduces Two New Door Designs

Endurance Introduces Two New Door Designs

Endurance® Doors has introduced two new door designs, the Cader Idris and the Pentland, which were developed before the FIT Show, as the solid and secure composite door brand continues to build market share.

Forming part of their Classic Collection, these two new additions take inspiration from typical 1930’s style doors with the Cader Idris featuring an arched top light and the Pentland a rectangular top light with Georgian bars. Adding to this period inspired design is the preferred option of a Winkhaus AV2 heritage lock which is opened from the outside by key and internally by thumb turn, the door locking as soon as it is closed.

With the recent introduction of foiled rich red, racing green and French navy PVCu door frames, there’s further opportunity to build a composite door specification that’s steeped in period inspired design, yet with modern day functionality. These latest door designs also form part of three distinct collections in the new 92 page 2016 brochure, namely the Classic Collection, Country Collection and Urban Collection.

Both the Cader Idris and the Pentland also feature on the latest version 2 of the online Door Designer, which is fully responsive for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Recent updates include social media sharing, ability to save a PDF, the opportunity to view the door designed on an existing property and a find an installer facility.

Stephen Nadin, managing director of Endurance® Doors commented: ‘These two new door designs are an important addition to our product range which is featured heavily in our new brochure. Over the last 18 months the investment in marketing and product development has been considerable and we’re now experiencing unprecedented growth for our solid and secure timber composite doors.’

For further information on the Endurance® Solid and Secure composite door range for complete door sets or for slab only manufacturing, please, e-mail [email protected] or call the sales office on 01652 462042.You can also request a free copy of the new 92 page brochure.



[Source: Windownews]

Opus Piano and Opus Tangram – Two Original Ways to Decorate Walls and Floors

The Milan Design Week is almost ready to begin and Lithos Design will present at the Salone del Mobile, showcasing new brands, new models and new collections.


Opus – the revolutionary collection of industrial design inlays, has been supplemented with a new sophisticated model – Piano, which comprises marble floors and wall coverings available in various colours and made using an innovative production technique devised to ensure considerable economies of scale and speedy deliveries.


The piano is available in sixteen colour palettes, a mixture of shades ranging from the softest to more POP hues, dedicated to highly innovative interior designs requiring original features and new furnishing expressions that combine natural materials with colours and geometric shapes. The Piano model is to be presented in Milan in April, on the occasion of the Salone Internazionale del Bagno (International Bathroom Exhibition).


As a preview, Lithos Design selected the Memphis palette to demonstrate a very particular usage, inside the room dedicated to grooming and pampering. Piano model, Memphis palette A POP taste for a bathroom that expresses a strong personality using original and ever sophisticated decorative choices. The marble floors and coverings are donning the Piano model, Memphis palette, which is expressed in a highly graphic and geometrical language and plays on the dual finish: polished for the floor and reeded for the wall. The natural and ever unique colours of marble make the overall aesthetic rendering particularly efficient and evocative.


Tangram, the extra touch in kitchen furnishings Lithos Design has further enhanced the value of Opus, the revolutionary collection of industrial design inlays: the company has explored the possibilities afforded by the Tangram model by introducing 16 new fine colour palettes for marble floors and wall coverings, made using an innovative production technique devised to ensure considerable economies of scale and speedy deliveries.


New and harmonious blends of colours are mixed with a highly geometric language in keeping with the latest trends to confirm a precious, unique and scenic vocation that characterises the entire Opus collection. These new models, which are set to be presented in April in Milan on the occasion of the Salone Internazionale del Bagno (International Bathroom Exhibition), include the Chantilly palette, which Lithos Design picked to demonstrate the use of Opus within the kitchen.


Tangram model, Chantilly palette. Soft despite its geometric shape, gentle yet scenic, the Tangram Chantilly model covers the floor and certain vertical details. Its fresh appeal distinguishes the entire kitchen in a wise balance between vintage mood and contemporary ambience. The sophisticated sobriety of the palette’s hues envelopes and enhances the elegance of the kitchen, creating a natural connection with the other rooms and a unique, everlasting atmosphere.



[Source:- Interiorzine]