How Blogger Louise Roe Saved Thousands (!) on Her Dining Room Table

Louise Roe

When Louise Roe went looking for a dining room table last year, she started where a lot of us do—by noting what she liked best about the options she could find, cobbling them into a perfect (but nonexistent) table design in her head. “I had the image in my mind of the table I wanted,” the news-editor-turned-style blogger says, “having ripped out pages from AD,screenshotted bloggers and Pinterest images.” There would be gleaming, cubist brass legs and a large rectangular top. It would seat lots of friends. “Milo Baughman was a big influence,” Roe says, pointing to this rare bronze and smoked glass design circa 1970—but a $10,000 table wasn’t in her breakfast nook budget. They were renovating, after all. An RH Modern version with a polished marble was closer to budget but still too much. She resolved to beat the system by sourcing the parts herself.

A friend recommended that Roe scour the internet for table legs, and she found the perfect pair—brand new—with a Florida supplier on eBay for $1,500, including delivery. As exciting as the find was, it was still nerve-wracking, she remembers. “At about 1 a.m., after scrolling for hours, I hit ‘pay now’ and screamed!” Conveniently, Roe was in the middle of a bathroom renovation (this was her Melrose Place townhouse that she eventually sold to move into this 1935 Hollywood Hills gem) when she undertook the project, so she already had a Caesarstone supplier on speed dial; he would supply her a custom-cut tabletop slab for $600 (it would have been about $1,000 as a one-off order). Which brought the overall cost to just over $2,000, a fraction of the antique that had inspired her search in the first place. Being quartz, the Caesarstone surface didn’t need to be sealed or treated at all—dinner is served!—as “it’s already nonporous and waterproof,” Roe explains. And while it’s possible to watch enough YouTube videos to learn how to effectively connect the parts yourself, calling in a professional is never a bad idea when you’re working with expensive, new-to-you materials. “Personally, I’d always get a professional to do this (I know my limits!),” she says, which made for a perfect construction. They loved the table so much, and it held up so well, that it made the move.


Elderly couple find deadly snake in dining room

Biologist Greg Calvert photographed this eastern brown snake in Condon.

AN elderly couple who found one of the deadliest snakes in the world in their dining room did the right thing by calling an expert, a Townsville snake catcher said.

  •  Exiled snake saved from starvation

Joe Mackereth was called out to a residential home in Condon on Wednesday about noon to reports of an eastern brown snake inside the home.

The volunteer snake catcher said the residents had lived in North Queensland for some time and knew what to do.

“They kept a keen eye on it and called a snake catcher,” he said.

He soon wrangled the snake and released it into nearby bushland as required by law, but not before his fellow snake enthusiasts took a look at it.

Eastern brown snakes are considered the second most venomous land snake. They can be aggressive and are responsible for about 60 per cent of snake bite deaths in Australia.

Greg Calvert, a Townsville biologist with about 40 years of experience in catching snakes, captured this photo of the snake.

“Dangerous snakes like this eastern brown are quite rare locally compared to non-venomous species like carpet pythons and tree snakes, which are all through the suburbs and perform valuable rodent control,” he said.

“Photographing snakes like this takes a lot of care, experience and understanding snake behaviour. I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners.”

The Best Way to Light a Dining Room

Even if your dining room is more like a breakfast nook—or more like a card table smushed up against the wall—you’ll need to find a way to light it unless you like eating in the dark. True, you could just screw a bulb into the ceiling and call it a day, but what would be the fun in that when there are pendants and chandeliers and flush-mounts to consider? We turned to designers Russell Groves and Sam Allen to hear their best strategies for lighting a dining room, from what to keep in mind when shopping for a fixture to tips for hanging it up just right.

When Shopping for a Fixture

Contemporary Dining Room by Mark Christofi Interiors in Reading, Massachusetts
Proof that being proportional to the size and shape of the table doesn’t mean matching exactly; dining room by Mark Christofi Interiors.

Francois Dischinger

Mirror the Shape of the Table

“They don’t have to be a direct geometrical correlation, but there should be some proportional consideration,” says Groves. A long or unusually large chandelier would obviously overpower a short table, though that doesn’t mean that they need to be the same style.

Don’t Be Afraid to Customize Your Shades

A reflective material inside the shade will help cast light back down towards the table, Groves points out, while perforated shades will turn any bulb into a twinkly light (if that’s your prerogative?)—and that’s just the start of what they can do. “Textured fabrics like raw silk will add a beautiful warmth and shadow to a room,” Groves says, but you might prefer a more directional cast. “An opaque shade wouldn’t give you a lot of glow in the room but would put more on the table,” he says. Just because a fixture has shades you’re not into doesn’t mean it’s the end of the line. Swap them out!

Consider Less Traditional Fixtures

From paper lanterns to pendant lights, the options certainly don’t stop at chandeliers. Groves suggests creating a constellation effect by hanging a group of lights, or by placing a floor lamp placed beside the table rather than mounting a fixture at all. Maybe you’re devoted to crystal (understandable, as Groves says, “it’s been around for hundreds of years for good reason”), in which case consider a more modern shape fashioned from the traditional material.

When Hanging It

Traditional Dining Room by Victoria Hagan Interiors and Ferguson & Shamamian Architects in Nantucket, Massachusetts
Sconces complement the soft light of a chandelier in this dining room by Victoria Hagan.

Scott Frances

Don’t Hang It Too Low

Too high and a ceiling fixture might look constrained, but too low and you won’t even be able to see your guests around it. “When you’re seated, you don’t want [the fixture] to be in your face—the same way everyone gets annoyed when flowers are in the way,” Groves says.

Install a Dimmer

Designer Sam Allen feels strongly about the worth of a good dimmer: “If your dining room chandelier is not hooked up to a dimmer, call an electrician right now. I mean it. Don’t even finish reading this—call your electrician first.” Groves echoes this sentiment in expressing a preference for warm, dim lighting in a dining room. “To me, chandeliers should mmic candlelight.”


How to create a year-round garden:take a tour of the ultimate ‘outdoor room’ designed by Abigail Ahern


With a coffee table overhung with a chandelier, a snug two-seater and curvy armchairs ranged around a fireplace, as well as a kitchen and dining table, Abigail Ahern’s back garden has to be the ultimate outdoor room.

When she moved to Hackney with husband Graham 13 years ago, Ahern, an accomplished interior designer but a self-confessed non-gardener, approached the outside space with caution. “At first I did what everybody else did, and had stuff down the perimeter and nothing in the middle,” she says, “but as I became more confident, I realised the same principles I applied to inside could apply to the outside.

“One of these is that you never have everything on the perimeter. I like to design interiors so you can’t walk in a straight line from one end of the room to the other, because there’s always something in your way. It’s the difference between walking in a field, where you can see all around you which is really boring, or in a forest, where you’re not sure what’s around the next corner. That’s what I wanted to do here.”

This atmospheric retreat, with weathered decking, leafy tree canopies and stashes of logs for fires indoors and out, looks like it was built in the heart of a forest. That is, if it weren’t for the cowboy cacti — realistic fakes that Ahern sells in her Islington shop and has tucked in among the hydrangea bushes, adding a touch of Santa Fe to the patio — and the petrol blue cabin at the rear, a £100 eBay find upcycled by Graham.

The roomy patio with York stone paving looks as cosy as the living room on the other side of the huge, two-storey glass doors. Another Ahern design principle is to supersize features and furniture to make a space look larger, so naturally, as well as chandeliers in every room of the house, an outsize chandelier of tiered driftwood pieces hangs over the black lacquer coffee table.

Lighting is a game changer, indoors and out, says Ahern. “I have a problem finding outdoor lights I like, so I put indoor lights outside, and have them professionally rewired.” These include a standard lamp and a Sixties pendant shade, while the bonus of overhanging electric cable is that the mile-a-minute vine scrambles along it, creating playful garlands of green above the patio.

To the right of the patio-cum-sittingroom is the dining area, defined by an Indian zinc-topped table from Petersham Nurseries and a customised concrete kitchen from Dutch company WWOO.

“The company customised the kitchen to fit around the Big Green Egg, a barbecue cooker I’m obsessed with ever since I designed a set for a TV programme with Heston Blumenthal, who uses it all the time. You can bake on it, roast with it and it’s all temperature controlled. We put something in on a Saturday morning, slow cook it for 10 hours and come back in the evening and supper’s ready. We even cook the Christmas turkey on it.”

Playing with different textures is a big part of Ahern’s design philosophy, and is apparent in her choice of materials in both hardscape and planting. The decked garden path that leads down to the cabin is a clever fake from Millboard that resembles old, weather-worn oak timber, and is edged down either side with a deep ruff of variegated tufted grass Carex oshimensis Everest.

Pebbles — another textural contrast — are her choice of flooring on either side, giving Ahern the freedom to gradually plant both areas over time. On one side is a wall of rustling bamboo, which she planted so she could look down from her bedroom window and enjoy the constant movement, and on the opposite wall, a sheet of evergreen jasmine. “We planted about 20 tiny plants and now the scent of the flowers in summer is beautiful,” she says. “I’m mad about watering all the time to make them cover the wall.”


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How to take care of your orangery, conservatory and garden room this winter

Orangeries - Auburn Hill

The winter months are some of the most exciting and yearned for; crisp country walks, cosy log fires and chunky blankets. But if you are lucky enough to have a conservatory, orangery or garden room, the winter season can pose a threat.

In order to be able to continue to use this room to appreciate the pink winter sunsets and robins on the lawn, you must be prepared to take several steps. Paul Matthews, managing director at Auburn Hill, explains exactly what you need to do:


The guttering and downspouts that many orangeries and conservatories possess are known to become blocked in both the autumn and winter months, as the leaves fall and the weather becomes unfavourable with lashings of wind and rain.

Clearing them of debris and leaves is not going to be the highlight of your year, but it’s going to pay off long term. If guttering becomes blocked during the wet weather, gutters can leak, and this inherently leads to internal damp and mould growth – far from ideal at any time of the year!

By doing this, you also have the opportunity to identify any part of the guttering that is old, tired and a little worse for wear, or if it is damaged. If this is the case, the problems should be replaced or repaired immediately before the water can infiltrate the brickwork.

While dry days are ideal for this chore, frosty days also make it a little easier – just make sure you have someone with you to ensure accidents don’t occur while using a ladder.


As the temperatures plummet and the air gets damp – we would rather retreat indoors to practise hygge rather than continue cutting the lawn and preening trees and bushes. But it’s incredibly important that you make trimming your garden a priority if it’s home to the aforementioned flora.

As the wind is whipping around your garden, hearing next door’s gate being thrown around should be your biggest worry – not the branches from your Japanese cherry tree about to crack the glazing in your orangery.

Trees, hedges and bushes should be trimmed right back to prevent them causing damage to your orangery or conservatory. Branches that are dead or weak should be removed completely as these pose the biggest threat to your home extension.

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Tile Flooring Design Ideas For Every Room of Your House

tile flooring for every room of the house Tile Flooring Design Ideas For Every Room of Your House

Designing your home and transforming it into this vivacious and beautiful abode that charms everyone with its unique and timeless look, could be a daunting task. Everyone around you has ideas, but what matters most is the vision and dream that you have for your own place. Achieving this perfect appearance depends on a wide variety of factors and while the themes, colors and décor that you choose are equally important, what most people seem to forget is flooring.

There was a time when choosing a tile meant picking one of the few ceramic designs available in the market. Times and technology have ensured that today there is a wide assortment and varied choices to choose from.

One of the biggest advantages of tiles is that you get to pick a design and the shade of your choice, no matter how extravagant it is. The current trend also ensures that they are not just limited to your kitchen and bathrooms anymore.

Living room tile flooring

The living room is where you welcome your guests, meet family members and friends. Our advice is to stick to ceramic flooring that is neutral, yet elegant. On the other hand there are carpet tiles offer plenty of room to improvise, but sticking to the classic designs and classy format serves you well. There are also porcelain tiles that look strikingly like real wood and are far more durable and moisture-resistant. Pick one of these if you really want a refined appearance.



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Illuminate your room with over 16 million colours

Illuminate your room with over 16 million colours

When it comes to improving a room’s mood, changing its lighting is often the simplest–and cheapest–solution. With the SMFX Bluetooth Smart Bulb, you can bring a rainbow of iridescent colours to your living space, and it’s controlled straight from your smartphone. On sale for only £22.49 ($29 USD), the SMFX Smart Bulb puts the power of the rainbow in the palm of your hands.

Using your smartphone, you can customize the SMFX Bluetooth Smart Bulb’s appearance with over 16 million colour options. You can alter the bulb’s brightness and even switch it on and off remotely. Using the bulb’s app, you can alter RGBW and power settings directly from your smartphone.

What’s more, the SMFX Bluetooth Smart Bulb is completely programmable. Looking to kill the lights at a particular time? Want to surprise a guest with an impromptu disco party? Simply use the app’s functions and timers to get next-level lighting control.

On top of its vibrant colours, the SMFX Bluetooth Smart Bulb also brings unrivaled efficiency to the table. It’s rated to last over 40,000 hours (27 years of normal use), and it only consumes 10% of the energy a standard bulb uses. Outfit a room with SMFX Bluetooth Smart Bulbs, and you can save a pretty penny on your energy bill.

Bringing power and efficiency together, the smart bulb is the simplest way to brighten up any room. The SMFX Bluetooth Smart Bulb normally retails for £30, but Pocket-lint readers can take 25 per cent off, making the final price just £22.49.



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living room thoughts

Residing room ideas needed? From furniture arrangement to colour schemes, upholstery thoughts to curtain styles, welcome to the house & garden residing room archive – a veritable trove of over four hundred splendid designs from the maximum lovely houses within the global (it additionally allows that many had been decorated with the aid of the satisfactory indoors designers – check our pinnacle one hundred if you want to recognise who they are). there is notion to be located for homes massive and small, town and u . s . a ., contemporary and conventional. if you‘re searching out someone to beautify your living room for you – seek advice from our on line listing The listing to find a high-quality indoors designer, upholsterer, curtain maker or genuinely a person to supply antiques for your area.

functions that would additionally BE beneficial: small residing rooms, wallpaper, wall murals, grey dwelling rooms, blue living rooms, curtains, window seats, hearth thoughts, residing Rooms by using contributors of The listing

Eating room ideas

want some eating room ideas? This room is all approximately crowding a set of buddies around the table with some delicious meals, excellent wine and plenty of conversation. but developing the right ecosystem with a few clever dining room layout can help. whether you are seeking out proposal on the large selections like dining room furniture or are in search of smaller eating room adorning ideas (like dining room wallpaper), we’ve all of the inspiring photographs you want to ensure your fashionable eaterie is the recent subject matter on the table.


Need some dining room ideas? This room is all about crowding a group of friends around the table with some delicious food, good wine and plenty of conversation. But creating the right atmosphere with some clever dining room design can help. Whether you’re looking for inspiration on the big decisions like dining room furniture or are in search of smaller dining room decorating ideas  (like dining room wallpaper), we have all the inspiring pictures  you need to ensure your stylish eaterie is the hot topic at the table.

  • Nautical Blues
  • The Breakfast Table
  • American Maple
  • Fermoie Fabrics
  • French Damask

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