‘Rocko’s Modern Life’ Revival First Teaser Unveiled by Nickelodeon

JULY 20, 2017 | 04:43PM PT

Rocko, I have a feeling we’re not in the ’90s anymore.

Nickelodeon released a first look at the reboot of its beloved cartoon “Rocko’s Modern Life” at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday afternoon during the show’s panel. The clip features voice actors Carlos Alazraqui, Tom Kenny, Doug Lawrence and Charlie Adler.

“Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling” picks up with Rocko, Heffer, and Filburt’s return back to Earth after being blasted into outer space in 1996. The teaser shows Rocko and his crew embracing (or at least trying to embrace) the modern world for the first time — technology and all.

Back in their home of O-Town, the trio is introduced to now long-adapted traditions, including iPhones, social media, food trucks, energy drinks, and 3D printers. While his friends adapt to the new social and technological realities of the modern age, Rocko clings to his nostalgia for the past, believing it can save him from the tortures of present day.

“The 21st century is a very dangerous century,” a frazzled Rocko concludes.

The reboot reunites creator Joe Murray and the entire original voice cast, along with director Cosmo Segurson, for the TV movie special slated to air on Nickelodeon in 2018.


Jules Sebastian spills on sex life with Guy

Jules Sebastian is a woman of many talents. She’s a mother to two beautiful boys, a blogger, a stylist and a TV presenter.

Now the busy mother-of-two has shared how life between the sheets has changed since her hubby Guy Sebastian’s shredded transformation.

mother being yourself stylist be yourself

“Being myself, trying to not be somebody that you’re not and just being yourself is key,” she told Be. Source: Instagram

Speaking exclusively to Be she admits, “Look we are always great in the bedroom, it’s definitely enhanced,”, before adding, “he’s looking amazing, I’m so proud of him”.

Jules called Guy her ‘super hot hubby’. Source: Instagram

But the journey to those rock hard abs on Guy came at a price! Jules admits that the pair worked hard for a grueling two months to get in shape and she went along for the ride in support of her husband.

health fitness food habits eating prioritise health

” I use to eat whatever I wanted wherever I wanted but now I realize that what you put into your body is what you get out of your body,” she admitted. Source: Instagram

“Yeah we decided to do it together, so about eight weeks ago we really just started focusing on, well exactly what I said before about prioritising.”

She later added, “We just started to prioritise our health and fitness and we really did, it was cold turkey like one day we just did it, no carbs no sugars, eating really cleanly, having almond milk and training six days a week,” she tells Be.

mother mum fitness food eating habits busy prioritise

“I thought I’m a mum I’m busy I don’t have time for exercise but once I made it a priority it actually all unfolded and was amazing.” Source: Insatgram

And a day on a plate in the Sebastian household would typically be very clean, with Jules admitting, “Last night I whipped up an amazing chicken salad with everything under the sun, avocado tomato, mixed lettuce, egg.”

However she admits her two boys Hudson, five, and Archer, three, eat slightly different and not as strict, but says she has food swaps for them such as giving them whole meal pasta instead of white.


26 Ingenious Products That Will Literally Light Up Your Life

1. A light show you can attach to the wheels of your bike.

A light show you can attach to the wheels of your bike.


The color LED lights are waterproof, can display over 42 themes, last for up to 20 hours (on 3 AA batteries), and can be mounted to the spokes of almost any bike.

Price: $56.99

2. Customizable banner-style lights for people who love to play Scrabble.

Customizable banner-style lights for people who love to play Scrabble.


Each set comes with 10 tile-shaped lights and 60 reusable stickers (so you can change up the wording as frequently as you like).

Price: $21.40

3. A light that displays pixelated artwork whenever you get a notification on your phone.



Sync DOTTI with your smartphone, place it on your desk, and wait for the notifications (for calls, text messages, emails, tweets, etc.) to roll in. Using the accompanying app, you can design your own animations (or icons) to display on the light’s screen. If you want to get ~really crazy~ you can buy four separate devices, stack ‘em up, and control them as one enormous DOTTI.

Price: $69.99

4. A BB-8 (lamp) of your very own!

26 Ingenious Products That Will Literally Light Up Your Life

Just tap his head to turn him on or off.

Price: $49.99

5. Glowing nightlight balls that scared kids can carry right into bed with them.



If you’re *not* a scared kid, the balls and their stand will simply look cool and futuristic sitting on your nightstand.

Price: $34.99

6. A teeny tiny lamp powered by your phone’s flashlight.

A teeny tiny lamp powered by your phone's flashlight.


An on-the-go nightlight.

Price: $9

7. A nightlight that doubles as a valentine.

A nightlight that doubles as a valentine.


Price: $24

8. A cork that turns empty bottles into light sources.



Much less of a fire hazard (and less messy) than sticking a candle in a bottle.

Price: $9.99

9. A lighthouse to guide you to your bed.

A lighthouse to guide you to your bed.


You probably don’t *need* any help finding your way into bed, but it’s still a nice nautical touch.

Price: $75.78

10. A smart light that’s basically an electronic butler.



Once you replace the existing light bulb in the lamp by your front door) with Zmodo, you’ll be able to do SO MANY THINGS. You can set the light to go on and off at certain times, monitor what’s going on outside your door using the built-in camera, turn on a motion detection device, set it up so you get a phone call whenever someone rings the bell (so you can talk to visitors even when you’re not home), and more.

Price: $199.50

11. Colorful lights to build a tower with.

Colorful lights to build a tower with.


These Tangeez “physical pixels” change color when you stack them.

Price: $69

12. Miniature moons to “orbit” your bedroom.



Waxing and waning at the flick of a switch.

Price: $21.59 (the lamp) and $7.54 (the nightlight)

13. A very a-peel-ing glowing banana.

A very a-peel-ing glowing banana.


It may not provide you with any potassium, but it’ll help you read a book before bed.

Price: $18.69

14. A cheery lantern and a cheeky light-up wall switch.



Use them as backup light sources (in case of a power outage).

Price: $14 (lantern) and $8.50 (wall switch)

15. A pint-sized luminescent cottage.

A pint-sized luminescent cottage.


They’re available in mint, chartreuse, and pale pink. Choose one or collect a whole village!

Price: $48.50

16. A clamp-on light with bunny ears and a fancy-ass lamp that looks like an actual rabbit.


What’s your budget when it comes to rabbit-related lighting?

Price: $39.00 (for the clamp lamp) and $398 (for the golden hare)

17. A neon sign with a valid suggestion.

A neon sign with a valid suggestion.


Weird’s the way to be.

Price: $194.99

18. A DIY lampshade shaped like a cat or a fox.



They’ll mail you the kit and then you start to fold. The shades can also be used as masks!

Price: $39.22 (the cat) and $39.22 (the fox)

19. A campfire that won’t make your hair smell like smoke.

A campfire that won't make your hair smell like smoke.


No, you can’t use it to make a s’more… but there’s always the microwave (in a pinch).

Price: $59

20. A lightbulb that changes colors *and* acts as a speaker.



“It’s a light bulb on steroids: you can manage the color and music of the room directly from your mobile device.” = SWEET.

Price: $79.99

21. A lamp to set the mood for movie night.

A lamp to set the mood for movie night.


Will this popcorn gentleman get sad when he sees you eating his kinfolk? Maybe it’s best to position him so he isn’t looking directly at the couch.

Price: $15.87

22. A solar sunflower to bring on your next camping trip.



Charge it in the sun for five hours during the day to get three hours of bright light (plus several more hours of lower light) for night.

Price: $30

23. Removable wall decals that glow in the dark.

Removable wall decals that glow in the dark.


Bulb bunting!

Price: $48

24. A lamp that turns on and off as you raise and lower it.



About as minimalist as you can get (when it comes to lighting): no cords *or* switches!

Price: $169

25. Twinkle lights that you can hang pictures from.

Twinkle lights that you can hang pictures from.


…because they’re also clothespins!

Price: $24

26. Energy efficient light bulbs you can turn on and off using your voice.



They’re controlled using Siri.

Price: $74.99

[Source:- Buzzfeed]