The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals on Kitchen Appliances

Well, it’s Amazon Prime Day again, and we’re using it as the perfect excuse to make all of those upgrades we’ve been dreaming about.

The collection of deals, which is taking place all day on Tuesday, July 11 (with certain offers beginning at 9 p.m. ET on Monday) spans everything from homeware to office supplies to electronics. For those who love to cook, though, some of the best prices are in the kitchen department.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best deals you can get on cooking appliances for Amazon Prime Day. (And if you’re on a money-saving high, you can also score free Chick-fil-A on Tuesday for unrelated reasons.)

Black + Decker Mini Fridges (25% off)


Blendtec Blender (40% off)



Lenox Dinnerware and Flatware (20% off)


Samsung really wants your kitchen appliances to be smart

samsung-refrigerator-profileEnlarge Image

This Samsung refrigerator will include cameras so you can see the inside of the fridge from your phone.


Samsung has placed a big bet that its customers want their large kitchen appliances to be connected to the internet. The company announced this week that all of the appliances in the brand’s next Chef Collection line will have Wi-Fi connectivity. That means you’ll be able to check in on and control your stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, cooktop or oven through an app on your iOS or Android device.

The Chef Collection appliances will be available in the fall. The company said it would release the prices of the products closer to the line’s release.

“Samsung has been listening to a new generation of state-of-the-art homeowners to understand their priorities to insure Chef Collection meets their needs and wants,” the company said in a statement. “This new home buyer is leading a busy life and looks to connected technology to make life more efficient and simple.”

Samsung has been one of the major manufacturers that has pushed for large kitchen appliances to be a significant part of a smart-home setup. The company recently released new models of its Family Hub refrigerator, the appliance with a tablet built into the door and cameras that give you a live shot of the inside of your refrigerator. And Samsung added Wi-Fi to its Flex-Duo range last year, which let you control your oven and check if you forgot to turn off a burner.

Other manufacturers have also gotten serious when it comes to bringing their large kitchen appliances into the Internet of Things. Companies like Whirlpool, GE and LG have added Wi-Fi connectivity to some of their products and partnered with platforms like Amazon Dash Replenishment Services, Amazon Alexa and Google Home to create automatic ordering of supplies and hands-free controls.

Features of the Chef Collection line

  • Bluetooth-enabled range hoods that automatically turn on with when a cooktop is in use and change fan speeds with a heat sensing feature.
  • A 42-inch 4-Door Flex refrigerator with a FlexZone compartment that can transition from fridge to freezer depending on your needs.
  • Wi-Fi-enabled built-in refrigerators will have a camera built in so you can see the contents of your fridge from your device.
  • Ovens with a Flex Duo insert that lets you divide your oven cavity into separate cooking zones.
  • [Source”timesofindia”]

Check out the best kitchen appliances you can buy for $5K

When it’s time to update your kitchen appliances, $5,000 can go a long way. At this price range, you can splurge a bit on your large appliances and get a few more extras on your products. With $5,000, you can peruse French-door or door-in-a-door refrigerators, slide-in ranges, induction cooktops, and dishwashers with roomy racks and a multitude of cleaning cycles, products that are hard to find if you have less money to play with.

(Only have $2,500 to spare on large kitchen appliances? We’ve got you covered.)

Here are the best refrigerators, ovens and dishwashers you can buy for a total of $5,000 or less:


Forget the traditional top-freezer refrigerators you grew up with. With a $5,000 budget, you can look at fridges with different designs to accommodate your food storage needs.

The freezer on the Whirlpool WRB322DMBB is located below the refrigerator.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Whirlpool WRB322DMBB, $1,000

When we tested this $1,000 refrigerator, it had the best performance of any refrigerator that had come through the CNET appliances test lab. It might be plain to look at on the outside, but the interior excelled at keeping food cold.

The Samsung RH25H5611SR is a stainless-steel, side-by-side refrigerator.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Samsung RH25H5611SR, $1,400

This Food Showcase refrigerator features a door in a door, which means you can open the fridge’s front panel to expose in-door shelves without the need to open the entire door. You can find the Samsung RH25H5611SR for as little as $1,400, which makes it one of the least expensive fridges with the door in a door.


A $5,000 kitchen appliance budget means you can start to look at slide-in stoves. These appliances don’t have a back panel (all the controls are in the front) and cost more than their freestanding counterparts. You can also consider induction cooktops for your upgrade.

The Kenmore 95073 is one of the least expensive induction ranges we’ve tested.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Kenmore 95073, $1,300

Induction ranges like the Kenmore 95073 use electromagnetism to cook food. Usually, stoves with this type of cooktop can surpass $2,000. This $1,300 Kenmore is a less expensive option that still has all the safety and efficiency benefits of induction cooking.

The Electrolux EI30EF45QS is an electric, slide-in range.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Electrolux EI30EF45QS, $2,065

This slide-in electric range offers a great performance — it cooked foods quickly and evenly during our testing. And its $2,065 won’t eat up your entire appliance budget.


Upgrade your large kitchen appliances for less than $2,500

Take a look at your kitchen appliances. Maybe you inherited them from the last person who lived in your house or apartment. Maybe they’re mismatched or decades old, or not even working. It’s time to treat yourself to some upgrades.

Even if you’re on a tight budget, you can find a suite of large appliances for less than $2,500 that will keep your kitchen running without emptying your savings account. Be prepared to sacrifice, though — certain features are unavailable on appliances in this price range. For example, French doors and bottom-freezer fridges, slide-in stoves and induction cooktops, and dishwashers with adjustable racks are all products that could set you back $1,000 each.

Here are refrigerators, ovens and dishwashers that work well and will keep your upgrade total less than $2,500.

  • 0:00 / 01:24


You’ll save some money if you opt for a fridge that has the freezer on top rather than a side-by-side or French-door model.

The GE GTE18GMHES comes in a fingerprint-resistant slate finish.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET


This is a basic fridge that looks good, thanks to a fingerprint-resistant slate finish. It’s also reliable when it comes to keeping your food cold. And you can find this refrigerator for as low as $585, which makes it even more appealing for your kitchen upgrade.

The LG LTCS24223S has a lot of storage space for a budget-friendly price.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

LG LTCS24223S, $895

This refrigerator has plenty of room for your favorite foods: With 24 cubic feet of total storage space, the LG LTCS24223S is as big as top freezers get, with even more room for groceries than some French-door models.


Freestanding stoves with the control panel on the back of the unit are the best value. You can put these models anywhere in your kitchen, which is great if you’re not planning a big renovation soon.

The Samsung NE59J630SB electric range includes a healthy selection of useful cooking modes.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Samsung NE59J630SB, $700

This electric range with a smooth cooktop has plenty of useful cooking modes and fast performance times, which makes this appliance a good value.

The GE JGB700SEJSS gas range does a fine job of cooking food and it does it consistently.

Chris Monroe/CNET

GE JGB700SEJSS, $700

This gas range is consistent when it comes to cooking food well, whether you’re baking or broiling, or just boiling water. It’s also easy to use



Your Kitchen at Christmas

A pantry is great for storing all that Christmas food.

You may be surprised to hear that around 75% of our customers during their kitchen design process will specifically mention Christmas as a reason for a certain feature, be it a bigger oven, more worktop space, or room for a large dining room table. It is only one day a year, but it is so important to us all that it is somewhere at the back of our minds when planning a kitchen, regardless of when exactly we are planning it.

If you’re starting to panic about oven space, worktop space, or room to sit everyone down for the biggest meal of the year, maybe it could be time to redesign your kitchen. We’re not saying you should plan your entire kitchen around Christmas, but it will definitely help if you redesign it with the big day in mind.



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Kitchen extensions: All the inspiration and advice you need

Colour code kitchen zones

Make large, open-plan spaces work by using colour to define different functions. Try white, handleless cabinetry for a practical, easy-to-maintain cooking and food preparation area. Introduce a contrast shade on a breakfast bar island to signpost the change of function, but keep the worktop white to indicate that this is a dual-function surface. For dining, go unfinished wood – in keeping with its proximity to the patio, this table and chairs could be mistaken for garden furniture. Unify the whole with timber flooring, a wooden sideboard and a row of wooden bar stools.



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After chimneys, Kutchina to offer end-to-end kitchen solutions

Image result for After chimneys, Kutchina to offer end-to-end kitchen solutions

Kolkata-based Kutchina – known primarily for its eponymous brand of kitchen chimneys – is looking to be an end-to-end solutions provider in the kitchen space.

The company has added two more verticals (over the last two months) – small appliances and water purifiers – to its existing range of offerings. Owned by Bajoria Group, Kutchina is a ₹200-crore brand with chimneys and modular kitchens being the two main revenue churners.

According to Namit Bajoria, Managing Director, Kutchina will look to piggy back on its chimney brand and its modular kitchen fittings experience for cross-selling offerings across other verticals.

At present, such end-to-end services have been introduced in the eastern parts especially West Bengal, where it is a dominant player. Around January, it will explore a national foray. Branding exercises, TVCs and so on are also being worked on.

While the ₹10,000-crore small appliances market is a highly competitive one with squeezed margins, the ₹3,500-crore water purifier segment is dominated by ‘Aquaguard’ and ‘Kent’. Incidentally, the domestic kitchen chimney market is pegged at ₹1,000-1,200 crore with Kutchina, KAFF and Faber being major players. The modular kitchen segment, on the other hand, is pegged at ₹2,500 crore and dominated by regional players.

“The idea is to be an end-to-end kitchen solutions provider with offerings ranging from chimneys to water purifiers and small appliances. We intend to leverage on the kitchen chimney range for pushing the new verticals. Initially, we’ll start with Eastern region and then go national around January,” he told BusinessLine during an interview.

It will target mid and mid-premium segment customers with its offerings.

Growth drivers

The new verticals are also touted to be the company’s growth drivers. Apart from new users, the company is also banking on upgrades/replacement sales across segments as its main draw.

Kutchina is targeting a near 30-35 per cent growth (in turnover) this fiscal. In the first six months the company’s top-line growth has been to the tune of 21 per cent.

Interestingly, Bajoria claims that Kutchina is already receiving offers for providing such end-to-end kitchen solutions from Kolkata.

It has entered into agreement with regional real estate developers such as Siddha, Ruchi Realty, Urbana and Emami for pushing its offerings (in case where developers hand over finished homes to buyers). Marketing tie-ups with developers for display of Kutchina’s offerings in model flats are also being worked on in some cases.

[Source:- thehindubusinessline]

Kitchen Style: Functionality is Key

Many homeowners embarking on a kitchen remodeling project are excited about choosing from all the options for cabinets, appliances, and flooring. But before concentrating on color and style, the first consideration in a kitchen should be the functionality of the space. While these design details are important, they takes a back seat to usability when it comes to kitchens. The kitchen is the most-used room in a home, and if it doesn’t provide the needed functionality, it will be a source of constant frustration. There is a huge variety of kitchen units for sale, so plan for function first, and then add the style after.

The basis of the appealing, functional kitchen is a great workflow, created by combining the sink, the oven/stove and the refrigerator in a easy-to-access triangle. It should be simple to walk between these three work areas in a few steps, without having to move around other objects such as islands or carts. Additionally, the flow of household traffic should not go through any side of the triangle.

The rule of thumb on a work triangle is that each element should be within four and nine feet from each other. The complete triangle should be between 12 and 26 feet around the perimeter. Even in a large kitchen, the triangle should be relatively small. Put cabinets, extra storage, and family gathering spaces at the far end of the kitchen, and keep the work area fairly compact.

Food Storage and Preparation

In addition to a well-planned work triangle, include food storage areas that are convenient to one another. Think of walking into the kitchen with a load of groceries. Is it easy to get from the garage or front walk to the kitchen? When you enter the kitchen, could you place your grocery bags on the counter and have easy access to all storage areas?

Be sure to place the refrigerator and pantry close to one another, not on opposite ends of the kitchen. Avoid tucking food storage around the corner or in a hall. Ideally, a few, unobstructed steps will take the homeowner from the counter to the pantry and to the refrigerator.

A wide counter-top with enough area for chopping, mixing and sifting that is close to or between the sink and refrigerator will make food preparation simple. Consider storage for staples such as flour, sugar and spices in cabinets near that countertop space.

Well-Planned Storage

One of the primary complaints homeowners have about kitchens is inadequate storage space. One way to resolve this issue is to make the space available more usable. Consider cabinets with roll-out drawers and built-in organizers to make better use of what is available. Rather than a leaving space between the ceiling and cabinet top, install top cabinets for items that are not used in daily food preparation, but are nice to have on hand.

Pull out cabinets, available from some manufacturers, make small jars and bottles easy to access. A wall cupboard, built just the depth of the wall joists on a wall that would otherwise be too shallow for a cabinet, also provides space for items such as spices and sauces and makes them easily accessible.

If a kitchen design calls for a corner cabinet, consider a fold-out door and a corner shelf, changing difficult to access corner into a large, open storage area that can be used for crock pots, little-used appliances, and other bulky items.

So before jumping into the cabinet and appliance design of kitchen remodeling, plan for the functionality of the space and the storage. The resulting space will be both beautiful to look at and easy to work in, providing a winning combination for everyone in the household.



[Source:- Interiorzine]

Panasonic Expands Its Range of Kitchen Appliances, including all-new Steam Microwave and Slow Juicer

Panasonic Expands Its Range of Kitchen Appliances, including all-new Steam Microwave and Slow Juicer

Panasonic has today announced the expansion of its kitchen appliances range, including a new 27L Compact Steam Combination Oven DS596, which builds on the ‘Turbo Steam’ function of its predecessor, creating a high steam density. From this month Panasonic will also introduce the new MJ-L500 Slow Juicer in three eye catching colours – red, silver and champagne, which includes an innovative frozen attachment to make ice-cream and frozen cocktails. Finally, the new Food Processor MK-F800 and High Power Blender MX-ZX1800 both in die-cast aluminium finish.

As more of us embrace a mindful approach to healthy, sustainable living, Panasonic is addressing this trend with its new Experience Fresh philosophy. Combined with Panasonic’s Japanese heritage, Panasonic’s intelligent kitchen appliances provide an ideal balance of premium style, precision and performance enabling the whole family to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

‘Fresh Food Fast’ in a compact design, the DS596 Steam Combination Oven

Panasonic announces the new 27L Compact Steam Combination Oven, the DS596*, injects steam directly into the microwave’s sealed cavity, meaning you maintain the moist texture and nutrient-richness of fresh foods. Meanwhile, for fast food without the guilt, the new square ‘Panacrunch’ grill uses a Quartz heater to grill both the top and bottom of the food simultaneously, giving a crunchy texture with grilled lines, while draining excess oil out the side of the grill.

The compact 4 in 1 microwave – steam, oven, grill and microwave enables you to prepare a wide range of fresh and delicious meals fast. With its 23 auto menus and an easy-clean, non-stick coating, you will achieve outstanding meal results. For example, simultaneous use of the oven and steam settings keeps meat succulent when roasting, while combining the grill and microwave modes speeds up cooking time and retains crispiness. You can cook roast chicken and vegetables in only 45 minutes. This compact design also features a pull-down door and flatbed technology.

Sleek design for a healthy, fuss-free lifestyle, the MJ-L500 Slow Juicer

Panasonic is introducing the new MJ-L500 Slow Juicer in three fashionable colours – red, champagne and silver, creating an eye-catching impact in the kitchen. Styled to suit any décor, the simple, small and easy-to-clean design is a real statement of healthy living. The unique motor action extracts juice from fruits and vegetables by pressing and squashing – not spinning and slicing – limiting damage to nutrients through exposure to heat and air, avoiding unsightly separations in your drink.

You can even get creative when entertaining friends with the Slow Juicer’s advanced frozen attachment, which can be used to make food and drink such as frozen yogurts, sorbets and frozen cocktails. Whatever your lifestyle, you can easily craft nutrient rich fresh juices and foods with this sleek appliance, and conveniently incorporate juicing into your daily routine.

Professionally prepared food at the touch of a button, using new Food Processor

This year Panasonic will introduce a Food Processor – the flagship MK-F800 (die-cast aluminium) – marking the European launch of its gourmet food preparation range. You’ll no longer need to prep by hand thanks to its 13 accessories, ranging from a French fry blade for creating perfectly shaped chips, to a salad spinner for making dry salad mixes.

With the model’s glass touch control, matching the design of the microwave and breadmakers, you can also select from five auto-menus, including mincing, chopping and grating. Alternatively, you can select ‘manual’ and take control of speed and pulse settings. Inspired by the Panasonic ‘Experience Fresh’ philosophy, the new easy-lift Food Processors allow you to produce a variety of fresh and delicious meals with speed and precision.

Panasonic’s new die-cast aluminium High Power Blender (MX-ZX1800) boasts the same glass-touch interface technology with six auto ‘menus’, giving you consistent results when preparing anything from purees to ice-cream, which can also be kept chilled with the Freezer Pack Jacket. The sheer range of functions offered by the all-in-one MX-ZX1800 model makes cooking so much easier, offering real value.

Complete with Panasonic’s layered six sharp blade and powerful motor system, you can get the most from fresh ingredients whether crushing, smoothing or roughly chopping. With varying speeds and rotations you can even make heated soups, then when you’re done, simply detach the blade system for easy cleaning.

* In the UK, we have the NN-CS894 combination steam microwave oven and now the new DS596M compact steam combination oven.



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