How to create a year-round garden:take a tour of the ultimate ‘outdoor room’ designed by Abigail Ahern


With a coffee table overhung with a chandelier, a snug two-seater and curvy armchairs ranged around a fireplace, as well as a kitchen and dining table, Abigail Ahern’s back garden has to be the ultimate outdoor room.

When she moved to Hackney with husband Graham 13 years ago, Ahern, an accomplished interior designer but a self-confessed non-gardener, approached the outside space with caution. “At first I did what everybody else did, and had stuff down the perimeter and nothing in the middle,” she says, “but as I became more confident, I realised the same principles I applied to inside could apply to the outside.

“One of these is that you never have everything on the perimeter. I like to design interiors so you can’t walk in a straight line from one end of the room to the other, because there’s always something in your way. It’s the difference between walking in a field, where you can see all around you which is really boring, or in a forest, where you’re not sure what’s around the next corner. That’s what I wanted to do here.”

This atmospheric retreat, with weathered decking, leafy tree canopies and stashes of logs for fires indoors and out, looks like it was built in the heart of a forest. That is, if it weren’t for the cowboy cacti — realistic fakes that Ahern sells in her Islington shop and has tucked in among the hydrangea bushes, adding a touch of Santa Fe to the patio — and the petrol blue cabin at the rear, a £100 eBay find upcycled by Graham.

The roomy patio with York stone paving looks as cosy as the living room on the other side of the huge, two-storey glass doors. Another Ahern design principle is to supersize features and furniture to make a space look larger, so naturally, as well as chandeliers in every room of the house, an outsize chandelier of tiered driftwood pieces hangs over the black lacquer coffee table.

Lighting is a game changer, indoors and out, says Ahern. “I have a problem finding outdoor lights I like, so I put indoor lights outside, and have them professionally rewired.” These include a standard lamp and a Sixties pendant shade, while the bonus of overhanging electric cable is that the mile-a-minute vine scrambles along it, creating playful garlands of green above the patio.

To the right of the patio-cum-sittingroom is the dining area, defined by an Indian zinc-topped table from Petersham Nurseries and a customised concrete kitchen from Dutch company WWOO.

“The company customised the kitchen to fit around the Big Green Egg, a barbecue cooker I’m obsessed with ever since I designed a set for a TV programme with Heston Blumenthal, who uses it all the time. You can bake on it, roast with it and it’s all temperature controlled. We put something in on a Saturday morning, slow cook it for 10 hours and come back in the evening and supper’s ready. We even cook the Christmas turkey on it.”

Playing with different textures is a big part of Ahern’s design philosophy, and is apparent in her choice of materials in both hardscape and planting. The decked garden path that leads down to the cabin is a clever fake from Millboard that resembles old, weather-worn oak timber, and is edged down either side with a deep ruff of variegated tufted grass Carex oshimensis Everest.

Pebbles — another textural contrast — are her choice of flooring on either side, giving Ahern the freedom to gradually plant both areas over time. On one side is a wall of rustling bamboo, which she planted so she could look down from her bedroom window and enjoy the constant movement, and on the opposite wall, a sheet of evergreen jasmine. “We planted about 20 tiny plants and now the scent of the flowers in summer is beautiful,” she says. “I’m mad about watering all the time to make them cover the wall.”


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Sofa with Delicate Curves – Valentim by DAM


Valentim is a newest product of DAM, sofa that refers to the nostalgia of the serenades dedicated to a maiden at the balcony. Be in walnut or oak, the Valentim sofa is available in key colors to make sure you feel sheltered by exceptional fabrics in inspiring and relaxing colors. Let’s take a look at the four colors of the Fame fabric by Gabriel for the upholstery.

The color Baby Blue evokes the sky and reflects a sense of order and peace. The Shy Blue enhance the idea of freshness and wellness. The color Retro Pink is a reminiscent of the sunset, carrying us to a mystical atmosphere. The Elegant Gray is a serene and sophisticated color. Select the Valentim sofa according to your mood and attitude and blend with other colours into a pleasing combination.



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Be inspired by Jonathan Adler’s iconic redesign of the Parker Palm Springs

Our first look inside designer Jonathan Adler’s first foray into public art is stylish, cool and absolutely fabulous. Along with the redesign of the Parker Palm Springs, Jonathan’s work spans myriad of categories, from pots to swanky sofas. In less than 20 years he’s opened nearly 30 stores.

The home decor expert refurbished the luxurious hotel with his signature flourishes and a vibrant and playful colour palette.

‘This hotel is a psychedelic passion project that has been part of my life for over a decade. When it came to refreshing the vibe I wanted The Parker to stay groovy but feel new.’

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Beautiful Lighting Structure by Mariam Ayvazyan


The slightly curved wooden frame of this ceiling light is enclosing white flowers, made of felted wool creating a beautiful structure that represents minimalist and clean aesthetics from nature. The LED lights, enclosed in crystal and hung on thick red wires, glow vibrantly, achieving a delicate lacy pattern on the ceiling. Different shapes of the flowers create romantic and joyful atmosphere by gently filtering the light that shines through the crystal.

These fixtures will suit anyone who loves both modern or retro design. Materials: LED lights enclosed in crystal, curved wooden frame, felted wool flowers. Handmade by Mariam Ayvazyan where I assemble the fixture with my very own hands.



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Furniture Meets Light: Empty by VIBIA


EMPTY was designed by Xuclà, its rational structure, and architectonic language are combined in a sophisticated manner for outdoor spaces both green and urban settings. EMPTY achieves this complete spatial integration thanks to its simple straight lines, acting as either auxiliary table or stool while encouraging moments of pause and relaxation.

Through its use of LED light sources located in a non-visible internal part of its structure EMPTY becomes a beacon that provides a pleasant lighting effect and point source for outdoors areas.



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3D Printed Cubic Light by Mariam Ayvazyan


This cubical table lamp is printed on a 3D printer and presents a complex geometrical structure of crystal lattice. Arrays of regularly spaced interconnected white spheres are increasing in size diagonally. Inside the Cube, there is a cluster of LED lights. This structure diffuses the light creating soft and intimate atmosphere. Could be customized in any size and color.




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Sophisticated Ceramic Pellet Stove by Monica Graffeo


Ceramic pellet stove by MCZ Group, finely designed with a jewel effect, in which light is refracted providing luminosity and ever-changing variations. Its round shape, simple and minimalist, is embellished by three stylish inserts in brass or nickel, which amplify the lighting effect and give it a sophisticated look. The metal grille of the top incorporates the finish of the front inserts, offering an original geometric pattern.

With Maria Sofia, designer Monica Graffeo introduces a new range, which will accompany the original models designed by maestro Sergio Leoni: “The Leoni collections feature items that speak for themselves, telling a story. To fit in harmoniously with these timeless models, I preferred to choose an archetypal form and to focus on the surfaces and tactile sensations, highlighting the company’s craftsmanship tradition in the field of ceramic manufacturing.”

Alongside cutting-edge pellet technology, which provides effective and fully programmable heating, Maria Sofia offers an extended, spectacular view of the flame and extremely silent operation. This stove is already compliant with the Ecodesign 2022 directive.



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Nuage Cloud Vases by Bouroullec Brothers


French designer-duo Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec will be presenting their collection of Nuage vases as part of Vitra‘s accessories collection at this year’s interior design fair taking place in Paris. The tubular form of the Nuage vessels, hence the name, is reminiscent of their stylized drawing of a cloud and first appeared in their work for back in 2002.

The vases recently appeared in a temporary installation in which the Bouroullecs dedicated 120 vessels filled with thin stems of flora to Zaha Hadid, which was poetically set within the fire station on the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein, Germany. The initial design derived from the tubes being overturned on one side to create large partition elements in plastic stackables. By experimenting with this functional shape in their graphic works, the gauge vase was created and can is recognized by their extruded aluminum profiles which are available in different heights and metallic shades.

The cavities of the base form have been positioned at the top, dividing the vase into eight individual tubes that allow the user to create artistic floral compositions. The simple yet sculptural character of the vases highlight the delicate stems of flowers and leaves on display.

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RIFT Collection Design by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba with Matteo Fiorini


Another outstanding achievement for the Rift radiator by Tubes Radiatori, which, after winning the iF Design Award 2016 earlier this year, obtains the Special Mention for the German Design Award 2017. The German Design Award, organized by the German Design Council that has represented and supported the design industry in Germany for 60 years, is an award allocated to companies and designers who, thanks to their projects, are deemed pioneers of design on an international scale.

“Rift is a new radiator made up of different modules which can be combined to create compositions which fit perfectly into any architectural space. It is a functional product with a minimalist elegance that enables architects to ‘design’ the form which best fits their needs.” Ludovica + Roberto Palomba with Matteo Fiorini.

Rift is a modular, component-based radiator, designed to satisfy the customization requirements of any designer. It is made up of modules in extruded aluminum which can be arranged horizontally or vertically, aligned, unaligned or inverted to form compact, symmetrical or asymmetrical sculptures. Its versatility is further enhanced by the line of accessories, which includes shelves, making the radiator perfect for living rooms or bedrooms, along with heated towel rails, ideal for the bathroom.


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SOHO by Ronda Design – The Sideboard That Hides Your TV


Stylish and extremely practical, the hidden TV system solves various problems tied to unsightly wiring and cables, freeing up space and making the scenic impact of the screen less invasive in your home. Also available with Bluetooth audio system, the concealed TV compartment supports a maximum screen size of 42 ’’ but it can be customized for larger screens upon request. Also, the sideboard is also available in the version with a back-lit system.

The sophisticated clean look of steel
Modern interiors for Soho represented by three compartments with glass shelves and the possibility of adding small drawers. The doors are made of stainless steel with a Scotch-Brite finish (with a slight horizontal satin finish) and anti-fingerprint treatment. The impeccable color combination of the sideboard with steel doors and black lacquered wood TV unit, along with the game of volumes created makes for a piece of furniture with a strong personality that retains clean-cut silhouettes.


[Source:- Interiorzine]