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“They wanted you to save their kids before them,” says another witness.

It’s the nightmare that became reality in London after a massive fire in a residential high-rise building took the lives of at least 79 people.

As investigators worked to find the cause they narrowed it down to a faulty refrigerator.

10Investigates met up with Clearwater Fire Assistant Chief John Klinefelter, who says refrigerators can absolutely start a fire in your home.

“Some of the things you see with a refrigerator are faulty wiring in the back or wiring as fridges get older so you have wiring that wears away. What you can do is clean underneath it, cleaning where coils are. Make sure there’s not a huge dust build under there. Pull it out from time and time and wipe down back,” Klinefelter said.

Appliance fires are cause for a major safety concern.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that major appliances caused more than 150,000 residential fires nationwide in two years.

“The dishwasher can also be a problem too. Issue we see is with the heating element on bottom and plastic ware and Tupperware falling below. They can melt and start a fire,” Klinefelter said.

Other unexpected appliances Klinefelter says could be the match for a fire: stove, bathroom vent and your dryer.

“The biggest thing is the lint filter in the drier. People forget to clean it. You should empty it out after every load of laundry,” Klinefelter said.

While many times appliance fire are caused by human error, 10investigates has learned that dishwashers, fridges, ranges, and more are on recall lists.

So how do you find ‘out if your appliance has been recalled? A few years back the Consumer Product Safety Commission created a website for that reason.



‘Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered’ Standalone Release Has One Big Problem

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is finally getting a standalone release.

Credit: Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is finally getting a standalone release.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is finally getting a standalone release. The game drops on PS4 next Tuesday for $39.99.

That’s not a huge surprise. The standalone release was leaked as recently as last week. The game lands on June 27th, roughly 9 months after the release of Infinite Warfare.

Remastered Controversy

Modern Warfare Remastered is easily one of the most controversial video games in modern gaming. The remaster of one of the genre’s biggest classics is a controversy machine that just won’t quit.

At first, the controversy was largely centered around Activision’s decision to bundle the game in with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Deluxe release. Basically you could get the game for $20, if you were willing to drop $60 on Infinite Warfare. There was no other way to buy it.

It was still a pretty good deal, and I think people were overreacting a bit at the time. It’s not that out of the ordinary to have some kind of bundle deal, and I figured (rightly) that the game would eventually get a standalone release. That way gamers who didn’t want Infinite Warfare could eventually buy it, though probably not at the $20 bundled price.

Then came the DLC. Yes, Activision decided that it would be a good idea to sell both extra maps and micro-transactions in a remastered version of a nearly-decade-old game. This is where I started to crack. I mean, I think that all Call of Duty DLC maps should be free, across the board, but that’s especially true for a remaster. This started to feel less like a cool remaster and more like a cash grab, and you could see many in the community feeling the same way.


This small traditional bathroom is big on wow factor!


A small unused bedroom has been transformed into a stunning traditional bathroom with an unusual and theatrical scheme.

Tash Hazelton and her boyfriend Joe Neville bought their four-bedroom Victorian terrace in Reigate, Surrey as a long-term renovation project. The three-storey house had just a tiny shower room and WC on the first floor, so they sacrificed the smallest bedroom to create a bathroom.




Yes, but we both felt that the house would benefit from it. With a lot of period properties, the kitchens and bathrooms can feel as though they’re an afterthought. Here there were four bedrooms but only one loo. Swapping a bedroom for a bathroom made the house feel more workable and balanced.




I wanted something smooth and sleek. I’ve never really liked tiled walls with lots of grouting. On a recommendation, we employed local interior designer and fitter Jamie Goodman. Jamie suggested we go for Venetian plaster, a type of highly polished plaster he specialises in. It has a wonderful marble effect and is available in lots of colours. We eventually agreed on dark grey to add drama, and a high-gloss finish. It was applied in five coats, then sealed and waxed to protect it.



French, chic and a little decadent. I wanted it to appeal to both sexes, feel sumptuous and be a pleasure to be in, but on a practical level be easy to look after. The bateau bath is a classic shape but with softly rounded curves to echo the console basin I found in Fired Earth. I thought that anything too ornate would fight with the marble-effect walls.



Any initial doubts soon disappeared when we saw the scheme coming together. It feels as though it’s always been a bathroom and visitors are surprised to find out it was once a bedroom. The room has just the right mix of luxury and functionality. I love the marbled walls and I’m now thinking of having a paler, more natural version in our kitchen.



  • Sanitaryware….. £2,420
  • Brassware….. £630
  • Walls….. £1,400
  • Floor….. £570
  • Towel radiator….. £240
  • Shutters….. £1,160
  • TOTAL….. £6,420

[Source:- HB]