Will law should be brought into ‘modern world’

A will document

The law around wills should be updated and brought into the “modern world”, the Law Commission for England and Wales has said.

The current rules were “unclear” and could be putting people off from making a will, it added.

It is considering whether texts, emails and other electronic communications should be recognised as a valid will in exceptional circumstances.

The commission has launched a consultation on the proposals.


Currently, for a will to be legally valid it must be voluntarily written by someone who is 18 or over and of sound mind and be signed in front of two witnesses who are also both over 18 and must also both sign the will in your presence.

But the commission wants to change the existing formality rules where the will-maker has made clear their intentions in another form.

It gives the example where a car crash victim has not made a formal will but has expressed their intentions in electronic or other messages, such as a text or email.

The family could then apply to a court to have those communications recognised as a formal will.

These messages could only then be recognised as a will if a judge approved.

What happens if there is no will?

  • If someone dies without a will, rules dictate how their money, property or possessions should be allocated, and potentially not in the way the deceased would have wished
  • Unmarried partners and partners who have not registered a civil partnership cannot inherit from each other unless there is a will
  • If there are no surviving relatives who can inherit under the rules of intestacy, the estate passes to the Crown
  • Specific rules can vary across the United Kingdom

Source: Citizens Advice

The Law Commission acknowledged the proposals on electronic communications could cause family arguments or worse.

It said the plans could provide a “treasure trove for dissatisfied relatives” and lead to a “variety of avenues by which probate could become both expensive and contentious”.

But it said on balance it believed they should be recognised by the courts, noting that 40% of people currently die without making a will.

Law Commissioner, Professor Nick Hopkins, said making a will should be “straightforward” but the law was “unclear and outdated”.

“Even when it’s obvious what someone wanted, if they haven’t followed the strict rules, courts can’t act on it.

“And conditions which affect decision-making – like dementia – aren’t properly accounted for in the law.

“That’s not right and we want an overhaul to bring the law into the modern world.

“Our provisional proposals will not only clarify things legally, but will also help to give greater effect to people’s last wishes.”



Samsung really wants your kitchen appliances to be smart

samsung-refrigerator-profileEnlarge Image

This Samsung refrigerator will include cameras so you can see the inside of the fridge from your phone.


Samsung has placed a big bet that its customers want their large kitchen appliances to be connected to the internet. The company announced this week that all of the appliances in the brand’s next Chef Collection line will have Wi-Fi connectivity. That means you’ll be able to check in on and control your stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, cooktop or oven through an app on your iOS or Android device.

The Chef Collection appliances will be available in the fall. The company said it would release the prices of the products closer to the line’s release.

“Samsung has been listening to a new generation of state-of-the-art homeowners to understand their priorities to insure Chef Collection meets their needs and wants,” the company said in a statement. “This new home buyer is leading a busy life and looks to connected technology to make life more efficient and simple.”

Samsung has been one of the major manufacturers that has pushed for large kitchen appliances to be a significant part of a smart-home setup. The company recently released new models of its Family Hub refrigerator, the appliance with a tablet built into the door and cameras that give you a live shot of the inside of your refrigerator. And Samsung added Wi-Fi to its Flex-Duo range last year, which let you control your oven and check if you forgot to turn off a burner.

Other manufacturers have also gotten serious when it comes to bringing their large kitchen appliances into the Internet of Things. Companies like Whirlpool, GE and LG have added Wi-Fi connectivity to some of their products and partnered with platforms like Amazon Dash Replenishment Services, Amazon Alexa and Google Home to create automatic ordering of supplies and hands-free controls.

Features of the Chef Collection line

  • Bluetooth-enabled range hoods that automatically turn on with when a cooktop is in use and change fan speeds with a heat sensing feature.
  • A 42-inch 4-Door Flex refrigerator with a FlexZone compartment that can transition from fridge to freezer depending on your needs.
  • Wi-Fi-enabled built-in refrigerators will have a camera built in so you can see the contents of your fridge from your device.
  • Ovens with a Flex Duo insert that lets you divide your oven cavity into separate cooking zones.
  • [Source”timesofindia”]

Be inspired by Jonathan Adler’s iconic redesign of the Parker Palm Springs

Our first look inside designer Jonathan Adler’s first foray into public art is stylish, cool and absolutely fabulous. Along with the redesign of the Parker Palm Springs, Jonathan’s work spans myriad of categories, from pots to swanky sofas. In less than 20 years he’s opened nearly 30 stores.

The home decor expert refurbished the luxurious hotel with his signature flourishes and a vibrant and playful colour palette.

‘This hotel is a psychedelic passion project that has been part of my life for over a decade. When it came to refreshing the vibe I wanted The Parker to stay groovy but feel new.’

[Source:- IH]

Be inspired by this luxurious and feminine bedroom makeover

Relaxing and clutter-free bedroom

‘I’ve lived in the Newbury area all of my life and love the countryside, so when a converted barn came up for sale, my husband and I were quick to snap it up. I’d always dreamt of living in a barn and this one was just what we wanted. Our bedroom, however, was quite small so we decided to convert the garage and create a gorgeous new master suite.’

This house was originally a narrow old barn, so they were able to take advantage of this and create a dual-aspect bedroom out of the garage. ‘As we didn’t need planning permission, we contacted a local building company that could complete the project fairly quickly. My only problem was clearing out all our junk! Within four weeks, the garage door was removed and blocked up, new windows were cut out and fitted, and the walls plastered.’ The owners knew they wanted a luxurious new bedroom that would be clutter-free and relaxing but not too feminine, as it had to work for them both. ‘I was keen for the design to have a slightly organic feel.’



[Source:- Ideal home]

Amazon denies request for Echo data to be used in murder trial

Amazon Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo is likely to prove one of, if not the most popular tech gift of the festive season, meaning the company now has an ear and a voice in thousands more homes around the world. Indeed, the company has just announced sales of the gadget are up 9x on last Christmas.

When we welcome personal assistants like Alexa in the Echo and Assistant in Google Home we tend to think of the positives; like how they can help you find information, control your music and operate your smart home gadgets.

We spend less time thinking about how something that records your utterances and saves them to the cloud could some day work against you… like in a murder trial, for instance.

The Information reports (via Engadget) police in Arkansas in the US made a request to Amazon to release voice data from an Echo owned by James Andrew Bates, who is scheduled to stand trial for first degree murder next year.

Amazon has greeted the request with a big fat ‘NO’ according to the report, but did hand over Bates’ purchase history. The report says police were able to pull some data from the speaker, but it’s not clear what.

Alexa isn’t supposed to record audio unless activated by using her name (or Amazon or Echo) specifically, while those recordings are also synced to the companion app where they can be played back.

However, that’s not where the Internet of Things role in the case ends.

Bates also has a smart home gadget that registered 140 gallons of water had been used on the night the alleged crime was committed, with investigators claiming that may have been used to wash away evidence.

Needless to say, Bates’ defense team isn’t keen on the IoT tech being used in the trial.

“You have an expectation of privacy in your home, and I have a big problem that law enforcement can use the technology that advances our quality of life against us,” defense attorney Kimberly Weber said.

Whether or not the evidence is ruled admissible, or more information can be obtained from Amazon remains to be seen.

However, it’s certainly food for thought on the potential perils of welcoming all of those always-listening, always-collecting items of tech into our homes.
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Create added impact with a splash of colour! Who said all windows should be white?


Our discerning customers are making style statements to create a high quality, woodgrain finish that won’t ever need re-painting. We offer a variety of standard woodgrain colours: mahogany, golden oak and cherrywood. You can even specify white on the inside and a colour on the outside to make it easier to match your interior décor and give a brighter appearance inside your home.

Our premium finishes are of such a good quality that it’s almost impossible to distinguish them from timber windows, which creates a truly stunning look. From subtle chartwell green, cream and irish oak to striking grey, black-brown, blue and red; all of our choices will enable you to get creative, add some colour and add a lot of character to your home.


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An Insider skip to the Be original Americas summer season Fellowship

This summer, two undergraduate students in layout have been given the opportunity of a life-time. Be original Americas has awarded Sarah Ahart of Virginia Tech and Karina Campos of Syracuse university because the first-ever fellows in its new summer fellowship software for taking college students behind the curtain at main design companies and Be authentic Americas contributors throughout the U.S.—which includes Bernhardt design, Carnegie, Chilewich, design within reach, Emeco, Herman Miller, Ligne Roset, and Vitra. indoors layout is alongside for the ride, bringing you a sequence of insider appears at Ahart’s and Campos’s reviews throughout the 8-week software, going for walks June thirteen – August 2. right here is our first publish, courtesy of Campos—stay tuned for extra updates from both fellows!

can you consider on foot through the places of work of main layout companies as your young permeable thoughts is imbued with amazing design understanding from innovators and architects that inspire you? Neither am i able to! The Be unique Americas Fellowship has been undeniably fantastic, inspiring, and dreamlike. From know-how a reinterpretation of a B to C layout commercial enterprise version at Othr, to the imaginitive thoughts and layout technique of Sandy Chilewhich at Chilewhich, to the artisanal integrity at Fritz Hansen, these are only some of the design minds my co-fellow Sarah and i have had the delight to interact with—and it is only been five days!

Already, it looks like i’ve been in new york for tons longer! each day Sarah and that i locate ourselves exclaiming, “i am so excited!” or “that is so interesting!” or “are you able to believe we get to do this!?” a lot has took place that hours appear to be days, and days appear to be weeks; to all of us else, this is probably irritating but i’m significantly hoping this revel in is going by way of as slowly as feasible. Why, you ask? to cite my favorite Broadway musical, Hamilton, “there’s nothin’ like summer time in the town”—particularly when you are hopping from one layout organisation to any other, are surrounded by way of countless activities, and are playing the succulent smells of notable food (special shoutout to the outstanding falafel I had in the West Village a few days ago).

visiting Othr in big apple.

This enjoy is simply getting commenced and the big apple, and those inspiring design industry savants have all started redefining my non-public design manner and questioning, whilst commencing opportunities to my destiny profession course. If i can experience emotional design transcendence in only some days, i’m keen to discover how my lifestyles and private design philosophy will evolve as I dive deeper into the sector of layout. comply with my design adventure because it takes me into the hidden nuances of this inventive enterprise.—Karina Campos