5 futuristic home lighting solutions starting at just $15

Home Lighting Ideas

You don’t need to be a millionaire to step up your home decor, and creative lighting is one of the best ways to make a big impact on your guests without making a big impact on your wallet. It’s something most people don’t think about often enough, but “smart lighting” is still new enough that even simple solutions can feel futuristic to your guests — and to yourself! From something as simple as a Philips Hue bulb to a very cool solution that emits a soft glow from underneath your bed when you get up, you’ll find five cool and creative lighting solutions to check out in this post. Seriously, I can’t tell you how many “wows” I’ve gotten thanks to my $15 HDTV backlighting kit. You’ve got to check it out!

Under Bed Motion Activated Lighting

  • THE SMART LIGHTING FOR NIGHT-TIME: Now with our motion activated LED light, you can safely navigate across any room you install it, safely. No more bumping on furniture or searching for the light switches! As soon as you place your feet on the ground, the smart motion detector will light up, allowing you to see without being too bright or too dim
  • MOTION ACTIVATED: Built-in human body passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor light with automatic shut-off timer. Automatic Turn on and Shut off by human induction in the dark environment. Inductive range: 3.6m (11.8feet), 100°
  • ADJUSTABLE TIME: Motion sensor Auto shut-off timer can be set from 30 seconds to 6 minutes. Continue Triggerand System to keep the light on and automatic turn off within 30 secs- 6mins after leaving.
  • SUPER EASY SET UP: Our smart night light kit, might be advanced technology, but it will take you only several minutes to set the whole thing up! Easy to read and follow instructions and 3M adhesive tape are already included to make your life easy
  • MULTI PURPOSE — Safely guide you through the dark. Can be installed in anywhere you need extra light. Not only act as under bed light, but also covers a wide range of home applications like stairway, cabinet, cupboard, sofa, furniture etc.

    EveShine Neon Accent LED Strips For HDTV

    • Relieve Your Eye Strain – Quality Bias Lighting can help reduce the eye strain cuased by long exposures to TV screens and monitors in dark rooms. It can also help make the grays and blacks on your screen seem richer.
    • Easy Installation – 35.4” Strip + 46.45” USB cable + A Spare 3M Adhesive Tape , High brightness 30 quality LEDs, Cut the Led Strip with Scissors On the Cut Marks (White Lines), NOTE: Don’t cut the light too short, it should be long enough to be placed in the middle of the back of your tv, Please refer to the 4th image!; Remove the adhesive backing on the strips. Firmly Press the strips to the rear of your tv approx. in the center between top and bottom, then connect the USB TO USB port.
    • Super Sticky Adhesive -The 3M 300MP adhesive(it has better viscosity than 3M 200MP) provides secure and strong installation without worrying about falling off. Attention: Be careful when you remove the adhesive backing tape on the strips, only tear off the Yellow Tape. Don’t peel off the Adhesive Sticker with the Yellow Tape together.
    • Control the Light with Remote – Come with 17 key mini RF remote, has 20 colors for you to choose. You can use the remote control change the color, the brightness as well as different lighting modes. Wireless range: 50ft.
    • Fit your mood – Customized light kit for 32 to 46 inch HDTV. ( NOTE: This Led Light Strip is 35.4inch and Comes with a Spare 3M Adhesive Tape for your convenience). Use the LED Strip to light up or create festive lights on your monitor, TV, or furniture. Choose from solid colors, strobes, or cycling colors to fit your mood! You can easily swap between colors and lighting modes using the remote control.

      Philips 464487 Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 Single Smart LED Bulb

      • Choose between millions of colors and shades of white light to light your home, wirelessly control with your smartphone or tablet, and sync your light immersively to music, games, and movies.
      • Requiring the Hue Bridge (sold separately) for the full Hue experience, this bulb fits standard-size table and floor lamps. Enjoy richer shades of green, cyan, and blue with improved design.
      • Install the LED light as you would install ordinary bulbs, then pair them with the Hue Bridge, which allows you to control smart-bulb-equipped lamps and overhead lights via the Philips Hue App.
      • Easily expand your lighting system with accessories (sold separately), such as a Hue Dimmer Switch, Hue Tap, or Hue Motion Sensor. Pair it for automation with your existing Nest or SmartThings system.
      • This box includes one Philips Hue color A19 standard light bulb, manual, and three-year warranty.

        WenTop Led Light Strip

        • This is a standard kit. The adaptor is UL listed.and they can only load 32.8ft. Please don’t increase the strip light. Come with RGB LED strips, remote controller,UL listed AC adaptor and control box. No more accessories are required.The ventilation must be ensured.These lights need an excessive amount of airflow for cooling.
        • The led will not dim if you connect them from each output of the ir receiver.(like main pic)44key controller contained a DIY fuction , Press “DIY” botton and then just long press one of the arrow button to set it.Also it have dimming and brightness control.
        • Cuttable and linkable. Color changing LED Strip Lights can be cut to every 3 leds, its 5M adhesive tape backing can be fit many dry flat surface.
        • It’s can be change the color via the controller.A lot of color option.Very suitable for indoor lighting and decor. Such as kitchen, under cabinet, dining room, bedroom, party, wedding…..All indoor use .
        • Remarks: Comes with a full 12 month warranty, 30 days money back guarantee.If the power adapter or other accessories do not work, please contact us for help. Connect the load and power lines, make sure all connection right before power switched on; Insure there is no obstacle between the IR controller and the receiver when operating; Take off the plastic sheet of remotes battery before using.

          WenTop Led Light Strip

          • This is a standard kit. The adaptor is UL listed.and they can only load 32.8ft. Please don’t increase the strip light. Come with RGB LED strips, remote controller,UL listed AC adaptor and control box. No more accessories are required.The ventilation must be ensured.These lights need an excessive amount of airflow for cooling.
          • The led will not dim if you connect them from each output of the ir receiver.(like main pic)44key controller contained a DIY fuction , Press “DIY” botton and then just long press one of the arrow button to set it.Also it have dimming and brightness control.
          • Cuttable and linkable. Color changing LED Strip Lights can be cut to every 3 leds, its 5M adhesive tape backing can be fit many dry flat surface.
          • It’s can be change the color via the controller.A lot of color option.Very suitable for indoor lighting and decor. Such as kitchen, under cabinet, dining room, bedroom, party, wedding…..All indoor use .
          • Remarks: Comes with a full 12 month warranty, 30 days money back guarantee.If the power adapter or other accessories do not work, please contact us for help. Connect the load and power lines, make sure all connection right before power switched on; Insure there is no obstacle between the IR controller and the receiver when operating; Take off the plastic sheet of remotes battery before using.



If you think Modern Family’s been on for-freakin’-ever, you’re not wrong. The show already has eight seasons and was recently renewed by ABC for two more seasons after that. But even Emmy-winning shows must end someday, and according to Modern Family co-creator/executive producer Steve Levitan, the end is near. In an interview with Deadline, Levitan got candid about when and how Modern Family will end.

First, Levitan basically confirmed Modern Family will conclude after 10 seasons. He said a decade was not the original goal he and fellow co-creator Christopher Lloyd (no, not that one) had in mind — not until they realized it was possible, at least.

“Our original goal was to just stay on the air,” Levitan said. “But after awhile we though we may be in control our own fate, and 10 sounded like a nice round number.”

Ten seasons is certainly an impressive run. Other hit sitcoms like Friendsand Happy Days also capped off their success off at 10 seasons. Others. though, have kept going even longer — The Big Bang Theory is in its 11th season, and is already planning Season 12.

Of course, having children as some of the main characters on the show does put more of a timeline on things — this season Alex was off at college, and we have to assume Hayley, Luke, and Manny will also move out eventually.

NOLAN GOULD, RICO RODRIGUEZ, ARIEL WINTER, AUBREY ANDERSON-EMMON MODERN FAMILY – “The Graduates” – In the season finale, Manny's father, Javier (guest-star Benjamin Bratt), shows up for his graduation and takes him out on a wild night of celebration, and then Jay steps in to pick-up the pieces. Meanwhile, the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan is getting ready for Luke and Manny's big day and dealing with the emotions that come with seeing your kids grow up and leave the nest.

ABC/Richard Cartwright

Though he didn’t have specifics, Levitan did drop some hints on where the final season of Modern Family will leave the Dunphys and Pritchetts.

Levitan said,

We haven’t had that exact conversation yet how we want to end the show episode-wise. We’ve talked about areas that we want to go and tonally what we want to do. I think we will end the show the way we started it in the pilot, with a big family event.

He didn’t elaborate on what that “family event” might be. The family event in the pilot episode was Cameron and Mitchell introducing their newly adopted daughter, Lily, to the family, so it might be fitting to have the family come together around Lily again. But I’m just spit-balling here.

Levitan said he and Lloyd also considering ending the show on a death or a crazy twist, so let’s just all keep praying that doesn’t happen. I don’t think I could handle it if Jay dies.


Denis Mack Smith, Chronicler of Modern Italy, Dies at 97


Denis Mack Smith in an undated photograph.

Denis Mack Smith, whose myth-destroying interpretation of Italian unification infuriated many Italian historians but established him as the pre-eminent British writer on modern Italy, died on July 11 at his home in Oxford, England. He was 97.

In his first book, “Cavour and Garibaldi, 1860: A Study in Political Conflict,” published in 1954, Mr. Smith took a cold look at the politics and personalities involved in the Risorgimento, the movement that forged a unified Italian state from a disparate collection of regional kingdoms. For Italian historians, this was a glorious chapter in their country’s history, a heroic national struggle, brilliantly planned and executed, leading to the creation of a liberal democracy.

Marshaling extensive and persuasive documentary evidence, and writing in a clear, urbane style, Mr. Smith told a less romantic story. Modern Italy, he asserted, was forged in bitter conflict, with elites pitted against elites, church against state, north against south, and the great powers pulling strings.

Idols emerged tarnished. Count Camillo Cavour, hitherto regarded as the cleareyed genius behind reunification, emerged as a scheming, often impulsive, trickster. Giuseppe Garibaldi, rather than a dashing warrior, emerged as a waffler, and Victor Emanuel II, Italy’s first king, as a feckless playboy.

Continue reading the main story

Mr. Smith, the historian David Gilmour wrote in the British newspaper The Independent in 1997, “upset a well-defended orthodoxy that had been entrenched for almost a century.”


CreditUniversity of Michigan Press

In “Italy: A Modern History,” published in 1959, Mr. Smith caused further outrage by refusing to regard Italian fascism and the rise of Benito Mussolini as an aberration. The causes, he insisted, could be traced to longstanding political tendencies and to structural weaknesses in the Italian system, a legacy of the Risorgimento.

“There are not many historians who matter,” the historian Jonathan Steinberg wrote in The London Review of Books in 1985. “Not many whose works have changed the way people see themselves. Of that little list, there is an even smaller number whose works have mattered to those in another society.” Mr. Smith was one of them, he asserted, a writer whose early work “told many Italians what they did not want to hear, but told them at a special point in their history when they had no choice but to listen.”

David Mack Smith was born on March 3, 1920, in London to Wilfrid Smith, a tax collector, and the former Altiora Gauntlett.

He attended St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir School and Haileybury College in Hertfordshire, where he won a scholarship to study history at Peterhouse College, Cambridge. Along the way, he taught himself Italian.

After teaching at Clifton College in Bristol and serving in the war cabinet, he immersed himself in historical archives in Sicily, an experience that later bore fruit in his two-volume work “A History of Sicily” (1968), written with Moses Finley.

In 1947 he became a fellow at Peterhouse, where he taught until he was elected a senior research fellow at All Souls College, Oxford, in 1962. He retired in 1987.

His first marriage, to Ruth Hellmann (later Viscountess Runciman) ended in divorce. He is survived by his wife, the former Catharine Stevenson; two daughters, Sophie and Jacintha; and four grandchildren.

If Mr. Smith offended professional historians, he found a receptive audience with Italian readers, who made “Italy: A Modern History” a runaway best seller, one of the most popular academic works ever published in Italy. His ideas were greeted warmly by Italian leftists, who regarded the Risorgimento as a failed revolution, but his sheer readability also contributed to sales.


Great service at Bob Coccia’s Center for Appliances in Bayside

Great service at Bob Coccia’s Center for Appliances in Bayside 1

Bob Coccia’s Center for Appliances in Bayside is the very definition of a mom-and-pop store. Coccia is proud to keep it that way. He has been in the business long enough that he knows intuitively that giving the customer quality service is his top priority.

That’s why in 46 years his store has grown to 3,000 square feet.

“As an independent mom-and-pop type store, I feel like I can give the best service in our store,” Coccia said. “We’re capable of taking care of the customer in the proper and speedy manner.”

And his clients are pretty happy with his approach.

“Mama Mia!” customer Lindsey Harris of Flushing said on the store’s website, bobcocciasappliance.com. “Bob treated my family and me like we were real family … he comes through with great prices, dependable delivery and a great personal touch … Bob, you are one in a million! Thank you! — Lindsey.”

Coccia’s employees, which include his son, Bob Jr., don’t work on commission, so no particular brand is forced down the throat of an unassuming consumer. Instead he and his employees sell the knowledge of the appliance a customer needs. And they charge less for top-of-the-line products than their larger competitors. Just some of the big names whose products Coccia’s carries are GE, Bosch, Electrolux, KitchenAid and Whirlpool.

“You go to the large stores, you’re not dealing with expert help,” he said. “I know the good products, I know the bad products and I try to give the customer the best product at the lowest cost.”

Coccia has been in the appliance business his whole life. He started off with his father repairing appliances for dealers and manufacturers. He then moved on to selling “scratch and dent” appliances, those that have slight cosmetic damage but are in fine working condition, and are sold at lower rates.

He moved up from selling “scratch and dent” to new products after joining the Intercounty Appliance Corp., a buying cooperative in the northeast, which he said allows him to sell better products but at the same low cost.

“I felt I was giving the customer a better product at the same cost factor as scratch and dent,” he said. “It was a big difference.”

Coccia’s specialty is selling appliances as a package for one price. If a customer is remodeling a kitchen, for example, items such as a microwave, refrigerator and stove will be sold together. That allows for lower prices and gets the buyer rebates.

If kitchen appliances aren’t what you’re looking for, Coccia’s also has many other products including air conditioners, barbecues and high-definition televisions.”

Having so much experience in the business and attending two important trade shows a year, Coccia is always on top of new and improved products. When changes are made to existing products, it’s always an improvement, he said. And no one can fill the customer in better than he can.

If something is not in stock at the store, Coccia can always order it from his warehouse in Long Island. And when someone is unsure about what to buy, Coccia is always there to help.

“I don’t plan on retiring very soon. I’m not going anywhere,” he joked.

The store is located at 215-03 Horace Harding Blvd. and can be reached at (718) 224-4344. Hours are 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Saturday, Sunday 11 a.m.-5 p.m.

RIGHT AT HOME: Traditional wing chairs with modern twist

RIGHT AT HOME: Traditional wing chairs with modern twist

No matter how old you are, you might have grown up in a home with a wing chair.

This classic chair dates back a lot farther than any of us, according to Bronia Suszczenia, co-founder of the Yorkshire, England-based interior design firm Art from the Start. “The first wing chair appeared in the late 1600s, but it was not until after 1720 that its popularity became widespread,” she says.

Why the wings? A clue may be in the chair’s alternate name, fireside chair. The idea was that the wings protected you from drafts, while the roomy, upholstered seat was a cozy spot from which to enjoy a cheery blaze.

The wing chair’s enduring appeal is its comfortable, convivial nature, and its usefulness, says New York designer Charlotte Moss.

“It’s the quintessential easy chair. It invites curling up and kicking back,” she says. “And they’re wonderfully versatile. I like to use them at the heads of dining tables, or in a cozy corner with an ottoman, or two facing each other with a fireplace in between.”

Today’s designers are having some fun with this classic style, tweaking its curvy silhouette, going wild or woolly with upholstery, and updating the legs in different colors or materials.

Pottery Barn’s Hayes wing chair, for example, has a barrel-curved back and low-profile arms, so you can tuck your feet up. Leather hues include caramel, forest green, midnight and berry red. The smaller-scaled Manning chair, in a cream-hued fabric, sports chic contemporary button tufting; it’d be a nice choice for a master bedroom. (www.potterybarn.com )

Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams’ Emmet chair hybridizes a wing and club chair. In buttery, aniline leather, it’s a welcoming spot to settle. (www.mgbwhome.com )

At Rove Concepts, Danish modern designer Hans Wegner’s classic Wing chair is offered in leathers and cashmere, tweed and boucle wool. (www.roveconcepts.com )

An exaggerated wingback and arms characterize Wegner’s 1951 Papa chair. He named it for its distinctive sculptural arms, which resemble a big bear’s paws. France and Son offers it in fun midcentury modern hues like orange, teal blue and olive. (www.franceandson.com )

Arne Jacobsen’s iconic Egg chair for Fritz Hansen (available at Design Within Reach) is a biomorphic take on the wing chair; its fluid curves and swivel base have kept it a favorite of modernist aficionados for almost 60 years. (www.dwr.com )

Tom Dixon’s Wingback collection is the British designer’s update on the wing chair and its 18th century cousin, the balloon back. The chairs and sofas have a sexy swagger, in luscious Kvadrat fabric upholstery and ebony or blond oak legs. (www.tomdixon.net )

The angles of Italian midcentury design inspire West Elm’s new Marcelle wing chair, with dramatically scaled aniline leather wings and arms. The Hemming swivel chair nods to classic Danish design, with a low-slung and roomy seat, enveloping high back and wings. Two new colors: rich caramel-toned saddle, and an inky Aegean blue. (www.westelm.com )

Toronto firm Powell & Bonnell’s Chatsworth reading chair takes a different approach. The chair is armless, and sleek planes form the wings, giving the piece an urbane sophistication. (www.powellandbonnell.com )


Ukraine points finger at Russian security services in recent cyber attack leftright 2/2leftright

Ukraine said on Saturday that Russian security services were involved in a recent cyber attack on the country, with the aim of destroying important data and spreading panic.

The SBU, Ukraine’s state security service, said the attack, which started in Ukraine and spread around the world on Tuesday, was by the same hackers who attacked the Ukrainian power grid in December 2016. Ukrainian politicians were quick to blame Russia for Tuesday’s attack, but a Kremlin spokesman dismissed “unfounded blanket accusations”.

Cyber security firms are trying to piece together who was behind the computer worm, dubbed NotPetya by some experts, which conked out computers, hit banks, disrupted shipping and shut down a chocolate factory in Australia.

The attack also hit major Russian firms, leading some cyber security researchers to suggest that Moscow was not behind it.

The malicious code in the virus encrypted data on computers, and demanded victims pay a $300 ransom, similar to the extortion tactic used in a global WannaCry ransomware attack in May. But Ukrainian officials and some security experts say the ransomware feature was likely a smokescreen.

Relations between Ukraine and Russia went into freefall after Moscow’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 and the subsequent outbreak of a Kremlin-backed separatist insurgency in eastern Ukraine that has killed more than 10,000 people.

Hacking Ukrainian state institutions is part of what Ukraine says is a “hybrid war” by Russia on Kiev. Russia denies sending troops or military equipment to eastern Ukraine.

“The available data, including those obtained in cooperation with international antivirus companies, give us reason to believe that the same hacking groups are involved in the attacks, which in December 2016 attacked the financial system, transport and energy facilities of Ukraine using TeleBots and BlackEnergy,” the SBU said.

“This testifies to the involvement of the special services of Russian Federation in this attack.”

The SBU in an earlier statement on Friday said it had seized equipment it said belonged to Russian agents in May and June to launch cyber attacks against Ukraine and other countries.

Referencing the $300 ransomware demand, the SBU said “the virus is cover for a large-scale attack on Ukraine. This is evidenced by a lack of a real mechanism for taking possession of the funds … enrichment was not the aim of the attack.”

“The main purpose of the virus was the destruction of important data, disrupting the work of public and private institutions in Ukraine and spreading panic among the people.”

A cyber attack in December on a Ukrainian state energy computer caused a power cut in the northern part of the capital Kiev.

The Russian foreign ministry and Federal Security Service did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the latest allegations.

Russian oil major Rosneft (ROSN.MM) was one of the first companies to reveal it had been compromised by the virus and sources told Reuters on Thursday computers at state gas giant Gazprom (GAZP.MM) had also been infected.

The SBU’s accusations chime with some of the findings of the cyber security firm ESET in Slovakia, which said in research published online on Friday that the Telebots group — which has links to BlackEnergy — was behind the attack.

“Collecting ransom money was never the top priority for the TeleBots group,” it said, suggesting Ukraine was the target but the virus spread globally as “affected companies in other countries had VPN connections to their branches, or to business partners, in Ukraine.”

“The TeleBots group continues to evolve in order to conduct disruptive attacks against Ukraine,” it said.

“Prior to the outbreak, the Telebots group targeted mainly the financial sector. The latest outbreak was directed against businesses in Ukraine, but they apparently underestimated the malware’ spreading capabilities. That’s why the malware went out of control.”

(Additional reporting by Alexander Winning in Moscow and Jim Finkle in Toronto; writing by Matthias Williams; Editing by Jeremy Gaunt)


Report: 94-hour workweek required at minimum wage to afford 2-bedroom apartment in Utah

Larry Darden poses for a portrait in his home at the Lowell Apartments in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, June 14, 2017. Darden, who has been in his current apartment for a year and a half, had issues previously with finding affordable housing and suffered from unsafe living conditions.

SALT LAKE CITY — Before Larry Darden moved out in early 2016, he “was afraid to go to sleep at night” in his downtown Salt Lake apartment.

Roaches infested the place. There were attempted break-ins. Darden never felt comfortable or secure.

“It was very, very unsafe at my last address,” Darden says.

Despite the deplorable conditions, Darden was hundreds of dollars per month short of being able to consistently afford his apartment.

But after his applications for a place elsewhere were met with repeated rejections due to his prior criminal record, Darden was given a lifeline. He was able to get in at the Lowell Apartments, a low-income affordable housing complex at 233 E. 700 South managed by the Utah Nonprofit Housing Corp.

“Once I moved from there into here, it was like moving into paradise,” Darden told the Deseret News while proudly giving a tour of his one-bedroom apartment.

Larry Darden looks on while in his home at the Lowell Apartments in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, June 14, 2017. Darden, who has been in his current apartment for a year and a half, had issues previously with finding affordable housing and suffered from unsafe living conditions. | Alex Goodlett, Deseret News

But even the Lowell Apartments took nearly a year to get Darden in — largely because of the overwhelming demand in Salt Lake City for affordable housing for low-income residents. Darden knows how fortunate he is.

“Here, it’s quiet, it’s respectful. There’s no problems, it’s a great place to lay your head in,” Darden said. “It’s very, very hard to find a place like this.”

The standard rent at the Lowell Apartments is a below-market rate of $575 per month — a few hundred dollars less than he was paying — and there is flexibility on top of that. Darden works as a residential assistant there to earn the remaining amount he cannot pay.


University of Utah Health

| Brandview

How to stay cool when it comes to hot flashes

Many other Utahns who could use affordable housing are not as lucky. Officials estimate the state has a shortage of 43,000 affordable units. For those who simply can’t get in, the mainstream housing market has their way with them.

And that market has not been kind to low-income Utahns.

According to new data published by the National Low Income Housing Coalition, a person or household earning minimum wage must work 76 hours per week in order to reasonably afford a one-bedroom apartment at the fair market rate in Utah.

By the same metric, affording a two-bedroom apartment in Utah would require working 94 hours per week at minimum wage, the organization reported.

At just 40 hours per week, the lowest wage that could afford a two-bedroom apartment in Utah is $17.02 per hour on average, states the report, published June 8 and titled “Out of Reach: The High Cost of Housing.”

That places Utah near the middle of the road in the United States, with the 25th lowest such required wage, the National Low Income Housing Coalition said. Minimum wage in Utah is $7.25.

The findings indicate that minimum-wage workers must choose between working exorbitant hours or spending a very high and exceptionally risky portion of their income on housing, the report authors believe.

“A severely (rent) cost-burdened household is often one unexpected bill away from losing their home,” housing coalition spokeswoman Lisa Marlow said in an email, citing a medical bill or a car repair as examples. “One emergency puts them behind in paying for their housing. Families in this situation are likely to experience greater stress (and) poorer health.”

There are 276,708 renter households in Utah, accounting for about 31 percent of all residences in the state. According to the report, at 40 hours of work each week, the household earning the average wage of a Utah renter — $13.26 per hour — could reasonably afford $689 per month in rent. The average fair market rate for a two-bedroom apartment in Utah is $885 per month; it’s $716 per month for a one-bedroom apartment.

The housing coalition based its findings on the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s calculation of fair market rent rates in every American county and metropolitan area. The fair market rate is considered “what a family moving today could expect to pay for a modest apartment or rental home in the area,” Marlow said.

Following the same methodology of the federal government, the organization defines housing as affordable when household members use less than 30 percent of their income to pay for it. Households above that threshold are considered significantly cost-burdened by housing, while those who pay for it with more than 50 percent of their income are considered severely cost-burdened.

A factor in homelessness

Unaffordable housing strongly increases the chances of a minimum-wage worker being evicted and potentially becoming homeless, according to Marlow.

“Homelessness is the direct result of the affordable rental housing shortage,” she said. “We have learned from a growing collection of studies that stable, affordable housing has positive outcomes regarding health, education and employment.”

Glenn Bailey, executive director of the Crossroads Urban Center, which runs a food pantry and thrift store serving needy populations, said a clear line can be drawn between a lack of affordable housing and homelessness.+


Solve this puzzle and (maybe) win a job at Dyson

Image result for Solve this puzzle and (maybe) win a job at Dyson

Are you smart enough to escape a locked room — and walk into a job at Dyson?

The British company, famous for its vacuum cleaners and other slinkily designed home appliances, is recruiting 110 software engineers. And in a stunt to promote that hunt for new talent, Dyson is combining cryptic video brainteasers with one of those “escape the room“-type challenges.

On Saturday 4 February and Sunday 5 February, Dyson will open The Smart Rooms, a pop-up puzzle palace in London where contenders must complete software-engineering-based challenges. It’s like “The Crystal Maze”, only nerdier.

Working as part of a team on on your own, you’ll quest to solve each puzzle and advance to the next room. Each challenge is projected onto the walls, so although you’re not actually moving, you advance through different virtual environments.

The winners take home a 360 Eye robot vacuum cleaner signed by James Dyson himself. And who knows, maybe Jim will spot your talent and take you on.

If you think you’re smart enough to crack the Smart Rooms, all you have to do is find the entry code hidden in this video and send it to Dyson. Oh, and travel to London, but you’re smart — you can figure that out on your own.



[Source:- CNET]

Your Bathroom at Christmas

A minimalistic bathroom means minimal cleaning.

Most people have guests stopping over for a few nights around the festive period. Whether you have an en-suite or a main bathroom, if you have been thinking of updating it for a while now, it is probably overdue an update before your guests arrive. Sometimes a good clean, a lick of paint and colour co-ordinated lotion and potion bottles can spruce up the whole room. Give it a go and see. However, if you have panels falling away from your bath, or the shower tray is broken, or your tiles are really, really dated, you know you need a new bathroom. Why not just get it done in time for Christmas?

A new bathroom with a fixed shower screen, a stone shower tray (which will not crack) and minimalistic, easy-clean sanitaryware will be almost heavenly to use around Christmas time; you can bathe the dog without worrying about scrubbing at mud stains for hours afterwards; the kids can splash as much water as they like without making your new Karndean floor slippery; and of course, at the end of a long day, you can have a relaxing soak in a lovely, new, clean bathroom.




[Source:- greenstone-kbb]

Unusual Wall Paneling of Wooden Parquet at Igniv Restaurant


After the success of Milan Design Week – Biscuit designed by Patricia Urquiola for Listone Giordano, conquers Europe with a beautiful project in Switzerland – Igniv Restaurant at Bad Ragaz Grand Resort.

The Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola has taken her cues from the restaurant’s name – which means nest in Rhaeto-Romanic, one of Switzerland’s official languages – to mix brass, leather, golden hued table bases, and stone with an unusual wall paneling of wooden parquet by flooring company Listone Giordano. In a cozy setting, with a vaulted ceiling and an open fire, the designer created wood paneling using Biscuit that increases the sense of warmth and privacy, in a skillful mix of history and contemporary.

The duet of tradition and innovation creates eye-catching solutions that could stand alone as furnishing systems, much more than simple flooring. These collections exalt architectural design, adding innovation to the warmth and texture of wood. The collection centers on rediscovering the decorative power of parquet and the quintessentially feminine trait of softness expressed in rounded, curved blocks and a slight embossing of the surface. The patterns – regular lengthwise, inlay, mosaics or herringbone – do not differ enormously from the classic wooden floor options, but the size and the rounded tips of the wooden boards produce an entirely new look. Biscuit is made of French oak. The wooden strips can be assembled in six different patterns and used for flooring and high impact wall cladding.


[Source:- Interirozine]