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How to grow the perfect tree for your garden

A tree will bring year-round interest and colour into even the smallest garden – but consider how big it will eventually become. WHICH TREE TO CHOOSE If you’d prefer a tree that doesn’t need any pruning, and grows to no more than about 3m

Porcelain Floor Tiles with Concrete Effect

Creative Concrete collection of porcelain tiles in colors beige, dark grey, black and white is a re-interpretation of natural stone floor coverings. Panels are with contemporary effects, formed with relief elements, tone on tone. These beautiful soft tones are a great base to furnish

How to keep your plants free from pests and diseases

Planning your garden so that you’re planting in the right places is important for growing healthy plants, but even so, pests and diseases can scupper your good work.​ Catching problems early is key to keeping your garden bug-and disease-free. While you’re watering the plants, keep

Carpet with Floral Pattern by Yoyo

Parquet, carpet tiles with floral pattern and rugs are part of innovative Yoyo – Canvas Collection. They choose very attractive motifs and colors, but the main advantage is the usability, easy daily maintenance and cleaning. An effective, regular cleaning and maintenance program is vital

Here’s How One DIY Pro Built His Own Backyard Hobbit Hole

Tucked away in Bedford, England is a hobbit hole with a very modern twist. While no real hobbits reside there, the house is exceptionally made. After a tree died in his backyard, Ashley Yeates decided to repurpose the space into this brilliant storage space. Keep in mind

Here’s the Easiest Way to Grow Tomato Seedlings

With spring finally here, it’s time to start a new DIY gardening project at home. Tomatoes are the perfect vegetables (or fruit if you want to be technical) to plant yourself, and there’s a super simple way to do it. All you need is

Sun Green Chandelier by Mariam Ayvazyan

Sun Green chandelier by Made In Love design studio is unique light, a result of one year of experiments with materials and shapes. It’s entirely designed and handcrafted by Mariam Ayvazyan. The chandelier consists of 88 handmade concrete eggs and an Edison bulbs in

Balamp – a Smart Bedside Lamp

Andrea Cingoli Italian designer wins the International iF Design Award 2016 prize in the lighting product category with Balamp, a smart occasional table or bedside lamp that works just like a balance: it turns on and off on the based on the weight of

MRND Lamps by Elena Salmistraro

Elena Salmistraro and her design line “MRND” lamps for Seletti are a tribute to the master Giorgio Morandi: lamps are made of glass, porcelain, wood, and cork. “MRND” lamps are a tribute to the master Giorgio Morandi, a current reinterpretation of his work declined

Ensemble Lamp by Elena Salmistraro

Product designer and artist Elena Salmistraro lives and works in Milan. She has worked as a product designer and illustrator for various companies in the creative industry, such as Texturae – new designer wallpaper brand, for which she designs wallpaper. And design line “MRND”