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THESE HARDY BULBS PRODUCE JEWEL-LIKE BLOOMS IN EARLY SPRING Few gardeners plant many of the 75 species of the wild dwarf tulip, yet they make charming plants for pots, fronts of borders and rock gardens, where they usually form clumps and sometimes even seed themselves. Some of these

Create a Dazzling display

GATHER AUTUMN BOUNTY FOR FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS There’s so much that can be gleaned from the garden to make your own seasonal display, in the brightest of colours down to the beautiful mute browns reminiscent of this time of year. Even plants that have died and faded

Make your garden wildlife-friendly this winter

During the colder months your outdoor space can be a safe haven for birds, insects and hedgehogs.  Follow these simple tips to make your garden wildlife friendly. For hibernating wildlife, food isn’t so important once winter has set in but for birds the food

Plant indoor bulbs to flower for Christmas

This is the perfect time to plant indoor bulbs to ensure they provide a fabulous display on the big day. The golden rule is to make sure you get hold of ‘prepared’ or ‘treated’ bulbs which have been primed to flower quickly once you

4 reasons why you should plan a garden redesign in winter

Often it’s in the height of summer – when the sun is beaming down and plants are blossoming – that we think about how we want to improve our garden. As we’re sitting outside, we can see what needs doing and what changes we want to make.  But

Garden photography tips for autumn and winter

We know its cold outside but whipping out your camera and capturing the beauty of wildlife is as good a reason as any to get outdoors and into your garden. Marianne Majerus, a world-renowned garden photographer and RHS Photographic Competition 2017 judge, provides her

Plant up Halloween

Get in the spirit of the season and turn your patio, conservatory or garden table into a Halloween spooktacular! Perhaps you’ve been growing pumpkins and squash varieties and can only eat so much pie and soup! Then put the surplus to good use int


Salvias are fantastic to drop into borders to fill gaps after earlier flowers such as lupins and poppies have faded. Due to their long flowering periods they’re perfect for jazzing up clumps of asters, anemones. Half of them come from Asia and Europe and these

Small but beautiful

A NORTH LONDON PLOT WITH A THOROUGHLY MODERN TWIST Spencer Viner is a garden designer and landscape architect with a fascination for Japanese gardens. His small, square garden is his outside room and a place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of

A way to make your front lawn appearance presentable for summer

Ask the professionals: Our professional panel answer questions about DIY, eco design, mortgages, cleansing, architecture, customer problems and greater question: ‘i would just like the the front of my domestic to appearance greater presentable for the summer season. How can i spruce it up?’