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Xiaomi’s Air purifier 2: Lets you Breathe easy

Diwali is just around the corner. While some may look forward to the festival, there are others who know only too well how the choking smoke is going to affect them. And how that night is a preview of what is to come all

Samsung now sells smart built-in home appliances like wall ovens

Samsung sells smart home appliances like refrigerators and washers, but up until now, it never offered smart built-in appliances. The South Korean company on Tuesday introduced a new line of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled wall ovens, cooktops, and range hoods. These appliances, which will be

Five reasons to invest in a HomeKit device for your home

Apple’s HomeKit technology has many benefits. With support for HomeKit built into some connected devices, such as Elgato’s Eve range and its Eve Room indoor sensor, you can turn any home into a smarthome quickly and easily. You can then manage it from your

Amazon Echo Dot (2016) preview: Alexa for those who use their own speakers

Amazon’s Echo Dot is now shipping and is available on priced at £49.99. We’re busy beavering away on a full review, but until then here are our first impressions of the sister device to the Amazon Echo. It gives you access to Alexa without

Kitchen Style: Functionality is Key

Many homeowners embarking on a kitchen remodeling project are excited about choosing from all the options for cabinets, appliances, and flooring. But before concentrating on color and style, the first consideration in a kitchen should be the functionality of the space. While these design

Angelcare AC1120

Most video baby monitors look like oversized webcams. The Angelcare 1120 looks a bit like an angel. All very cute, I’m sure you’ll agree. The left wing is the power switch, while pressing the right one turns the halo into a glowing night light.

Illuminate your room with over 16 million colours

When it comes to improving a room’s mood, changing its lighting is often the simplest–and cheapest–solution. With the SMFX Bluetooth Smart Bulb, you can bring a rainbow of iridescent colours to your living space, and it’s controlled straight from your smartphone. On sale for

Best coffee machine 2016: Buying guide and top picks

We round up 2016’s best espresso machines, including manual, Nespresso and bean-to-cup, with prices from £90 to £1,159 Coffee has been making mornings more palatable since the 15th century, and in the intervening 500 years the humble coffee bean has spawned forth a huge

Paddy’s Day Juicing

It’s St Patrick’s Day! A day of dressing in green, dancing in green and most importantly drinking in green! If you are looking for a cool way to kick-start your day, look no further, we have the perfect green juice to keep you awake

Panasonic Expands Its Range of Kitchen Appliances, including all-new Steam Microwave and Slow Juicer

Panasonic has today announced the expansion of its kitchen appliances range, including a new 27L Compact Steam Combination Oven DS596, which builds on the ‘Turbo Steam’ function of its predecessor, creating a high steam density. From this month Panasonic will also introduce the new