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7 Traditional and Contemporary Nylon-String Guitars Under $500

In 1991, I decided to become a serious musician and set aside the electric guitar to focus on the classical. I needed to get a nylon-string guitar in a hurry. But I was a high school student at the time; and my budget was

China studying when to ban sales of traditional fuel cars: Xinhua

Car dealers and customers walk at a second-hand car market near a newly-built residential area in Hefei, Anhui province, China January 26, 2013.REUTERS/Stringer BEIJING (Reuters) – China has begun studying when to ban the production and sale of cars using traditional fuels, the official

Reviving traditional architecture

The Napier Museum building, with its unique architectural style, stands apart from all the other heritage structures in and around Thiruvananthapuram. Set in the sprawling grounds of the Public Gardens, the majestic structure is a fine specimen of Indo-Saracenic style in architecture. The advent

Let Deepika Padukone’s traditional Indian looks inspire your festive wear

Deepika Padukone That Deepika Padukone is a bona fide style star is a non-negotiable fact. Whether she’s grabbing dinner in Gucci pyjama sets or turning heads at the Met Gala dressed in Tommy Hilfiger, she has made being impeccably put-together an art. By her

Rustic and fresh: Farmhouse style

A rustic dining table is right at home with sleek chairs. Farmhouse style can mix with nearly anything. Photos courtesy Janice Serendi.A rustic dining table is right at home with sleek chairs. Farmhouse style can mix with nearly anything. Photos courtesy Janice Serendi. Wooden

Almost Half of Qatar’s Traditional Investor Base Has Cut Ties With the Country

Banks in the world’s wealthiest nation per capita will need to offer more yield if they tap the market as almost half of their traditional investor base has cut ties with the country. Qatar National Bank QPSC, Commercial Bank QSC and Doha Bank QSC

PICTURE BOASTCARDS Brit holidaymakers have ditched traditional postcards to brag about trips on social media

Millions of British holidaymakers are replacing postcards with ‘boastcards’, according to research. Seven in 10 people admitted they no longer send or receive the traditional paper postcards, preferring to share holiday memories online instead. SWNS:SOUTH WEST NEWS SERVICE 3 34 per cent will upload

Videos: Traditional Skills With a Modern Twist

Videos: Traditional Skills With a Modern Twist Food summit attendees learn traditional skills; how to make bootagan using some modern conveniences Leeanne Root • August 1, 2017 The Great Lakes Intertribal Food Summit was about more than food sovereignty; it was also a way to share traditional skills, like

Nine Ways A Traditional Office Space Lease Can Help Your Business

As your business continues growing, you will soon find yourself in need of new office space to accommodate your team and make room for further development. However, finding a home for your organization can be quite challenging, as any business is different and has

Pakistan’s traditional third gender isn’t happy with the trans movement

For centuries, South Asia has had its own Khawaja Sira or third gender culture. The community, identifying as neither male nor female are believed, by many, to be ‘God’s chosen people,’ with special powers to bless and curse anyone they choose. Player utilities Popout Share 00:00 00:00 download Listen to