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This 17th century cottage reveals a surprisingly modern interior

The pretty whitewashed cottage is tucked away on a secluded hillside just a few miles from the Devon coast.​ Unique Home Stays Originally thatched, the property now has a slate tile roof but inside retains charming period features including wooden ceiling beams and lintels. Unique Home Stays More

Pole positioning

On the Caribbean island of Mustique, interior designer Veere Grenney has redesigned a bamboo house that is a study in neutrals and natural materials, set off  by the green of the palms outside and the glorious blue of the ocean Mustique, in the Saint

Is there a valuable antique hidden in your clutter?

It’s just possible that the old painting you picked up at a car boot sale could pay for your next holiday!​​ New research from insurance company Direct Line found that one in six of us has unwittingly given away high-value items to friends, charity shops and jumble sales,


Wallpaper sometimes gets rather bad press. People wrinkle their noses, mutter things like ‘grannyish’ and protectively clutch their tins of white paint. Although there is a time and place for pale minimalism (heck, we have an entire gallery dedicated to the subject), we think it’s


As specialists in reviving vintage pieces, gilder Clare Mosley and her husband Mark Bicknell had the ideal skills to restore a ravaged Georgian house in south London The gilder Clare Mosley and her husband Mark Bicknell, who works in publishing, spent years living in