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Colour confident: Shades of yellow

Enjoy year-round sunshine inside with these cheerful shades of yellow.​ SPICY OVERTONES YELLOW-PINK ABSOLUTE MATT EMULSION, £38 FOR 2.5L, LITTLE GREENE For a grown-up option look no further than Yellow-Pink. Its honey tones are enlivening without being overbearing and will warm up a colder, north-

Top tips for getting the best from your home fragrance

Fill your rooms with glorious home fragrance and make it last longer with top tips from Victoria Davies, scents buyer at John Lewis. Don’t save scented candles for special occasions because over time the fragrance becomes weaker. When storing them, find somewhere that’s an even temperature – not too

8 mistakes you’re making when cleaning your gadgets

Your tech products are probably some of your most-frequently-used items. After all, how often do you not have your smart phone, tablet, or computer on you? But cleaning these devices isn’t as cut and dry as, say, your countertops — so make sure you

Colour confident: Shades of blue

Industry experts explain how to use the blue of summer skies and seas. KEEP COOL BONTON MATT EMULSION, £41 FOR 2.5L, SANDERSON ​If you long for the perfect sunny day or love time at the beach with wide, open skies, paint walls with Bonton.

How to grow succulents indoors and out

The best way to think of succulents is as ‘fat plants’. Parts of them, usually their leaves, swell up with water and this stops them from drying out in arid conditions. Cacti are the most obvious examples but sedums and sempervivums are also common.

How to choose the perfect paint for your home

It’s essential to select the correct paint type and finish for the surface you want to cover. WHICH PAINT TO PICK? Melanie Adams, Director, reveals the secrets of paint formulas. Water-based emulsion works well on walls and ceilings. Eggshell and acrylic can also be

Bring the sunshine inside with these gorgeous spring decorating ideas

Use delicate shades of buttercup yellow, pinky coral and pale celadon green for the freshest spring decorating ideas. MODERN MIX TIM YOUNG Create depth and character by contrasting pared – back, contemporary pieces with classic styles from different eras. Toning shades of yellow unify the scheme

A stunning artwork inspired this neutral and blue living room

Melanie Alsford, her husband Richard and their sons Luca and Leo, live in a four-bedroom Victorian house in Hampton, Middlesex. They created an elegant scheme in their neutral and blue living room. What was the house like when you moved in? It was mostly

How to create a hi-tech home with no cables on show

There’s a misconception that hi-tech homes can’t also be knock-your-socks-off beautiful. Speakers, televisions and the smart panels that control audio systems, heating and lighting are just eyesores that get in the way of a well-designed interior – aren’t they? If that visual clutter is

Turn to the dark side with black interiors

As residents of the northern hemisphere, we’ve been conditioned to welcome as much sunlight as possible into our homes, and that includes the use of pale colours to illuminate a room. So it’s hard to put that to one side and consider a dark